Airbnb cracks down on overnight bookings during NYE

ORLANDO, Fla. — Airbnb is cutting overnight stays as Orlando approaches one of the biggest nights of the year, New Year’s Eve. It’s part of an effort to reduce the number of parties and incidents that occur on host properties.

What do you want to know

  • Airbnb is cutting overnight stays over NYE weekend in hopes of suppressing parties.
  • An Orlando Airbnb host is everything.

Lee Wright loves his pets. She has created a business that allows her to have the best of both worlds.

“I put it on my Airbnb you need to watch my cat listing and it worked really well,” Wright said. “We were doing these three to four day trips, our cat was taken care of, our house was taken care of and it was extra money to make up for the trips.”

But with business comes some responsibility.

“If you have a two or three night stay and you just want to rent it out for a party, they probably won’t want to pay for the extra nights,” Wright said.

To ensure smooth and safe bookings, Airbnb prohibits some of the one-night bookings during New Year’s Eve to reduce the number of parties.

The company told Spectrum News that various anti-party defenses deterred more than 1,400 people in Orlando from booking whole-house listings over the holiday weekend last year.

“I think it’s a good idea. The concept of Airbnb is a place to stay. It’s not a place to rent as a party rental. You can find party rentals that are not intended for Airbnb It’s not the price of a party rental,” Wright said.

Wright’s concern is not only for his property, but also for the enjoyment of his pets and his guests. She wants to spend her time inventing new experiences, like doggie yoga for her guests to join in as they see Orlando in a different light, rather than being a place for parties.

Even with this anti-party policy, Wright’s back room is already rented over the holiday weekend. So she’s not worried that the ban on one-night bookings will leave her property empty.

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