Airbnb etiquette: following the rules in luxury accommodations

When renting an Airbnb luxury rental, there is an unspoken etiquette that applies to certain properties.

One of the most modern and affordable ways to afford luxury accommodations is through Airbnb. Luxury rentals come at a price, but that price also includes amenities that many would end up paying extra for at a hotel or resort. There’s also the added benefit of privacy, the comforts of another’s home, and access to things like a full house with a kitchen, lounging areas, multiple rooms and even outdoor spaces.

However, with any rental comes unspoken rules – including how to behave while staying in someone else’s home. When it comes to the Airbnb luxury label, here’s a guide on how to make the experience flawless on the renter’s side.

Respect the space even before arriving

When booking an Airbnb, luxury or not, literal rules appear on the rental page before proceeding with the booking. These rules should always be reviewed before committing to a rental, along with the fine print (such as additional fees, cleaning times, number of guests allowed, etc.). Moreover, this is also where honesty and transparency between guest and host goes quite a long way. If the occasion is special, The budget-conscious traveler suggests communicating it to its host. It could be an occasion such as a marriage proposal, a graduation celebration, a birthday, or anything else that warrants a vacation. The host may be willing to help plan activities or make suggestions, while renters will have peace of mind knowing that their hosts know exactly why they are renting the property.

Arrive at a luxury Airbnb

In cases where the host is not at the property when tenants arrive, there are a few first steps to take before settling in. For starters, it’s a common rule that if devices are left out, those guests are allowed to use those things. . However, in the case of personal items – anything like instruments, electronics, products – guests should always send a quick message to their host for a double check. More often than not, these things will be left out for guests, but there’s always the possibility that if a home is being used as a host’s primary residence, certain things are still off limits.

  • Point: Often, you can answer this question by looking at the “Guest Access” section of the Airbnb rental.

Additionally, guests should take a general account of the space to familiarize themselves with where things belong and where they should be placed before leaving the rental.

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During a tenant’s Airbnb stay

Once the holidays have started, it is important to remember a few simple rules. Airbnb luxury accommodations offer the benefits of additional use of things like hot tubs, spa-like products, stocked pantries, fire pits, outdoor recreation equipment, and more. These things, although usable for the tenant, must always be returned as found. For example, taking a kayak out of the shed for use and leaving it at the dock would be considered inconsiderate – although this is not a hard and fast rule.

What about toiletries?

It may occur to a renter to determine whether things such as paper towels, toilet paper, towels, etc., are the responsibility of the renter or the host to be replaced. While they’re usually replaced by hotel or resort staff, these kinds of things aren’t usually replenished by an Airbnb host (except in cases where the host lives in the rental full-time). Therefore, expect the tenant to be responsible for replacing what they need – but not necessarily replacing what they have used.

Can tenants eat food left in the house?

Most often, renters will be able to determine if the food in the rental is for renters on the Airbnb page itself. Usually, if there is any unopened food or drink, tenants are free to enjoy it as they wish. Often these will be snacks, mixes, and bottles of juice or water.

What if something is broken or not working?

It is always in the renter’s interest to report to the host if something breaks during their stay. Whether someone is at fault or not, the host can simply remove it from security to fix it or can delete it altogether. The last thing a renter wants to do is walk away with something broken and have a host contact them or leave a bad review. If nothing else, taking responsibility will ease the stress and expectation on a renter’s part once the host arrives to clean up after their stay.

Additional tips

  • Always clearly indicate which towels and linens are dirty, lest it cause the guest stress by trying to figure it out themselves.
  • Perform a quick cleaning of sinks and counters so you don’t leave the Airbnb any more messy than necessary.
  • Make a final visit to make sure everything is back in place and not broken.
  • When renting a property with your pet, be sure to clean the yard and possibly vacuum or sweep quickly to cut off any stray hairs.

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