Airbnb has released a list of the ten most popular stays and almost all of them involve the forest

Do you know that moment when you put something you really want in your online shopping cart even though you’re not going to buy it right away? You can do the same with Airbnb destinations you hope to visit one day. It’s a chance to ‘window shop’ for your vacation. Airbnb has just announced the top 10 wishlist stays for this summer, and almost all of them mention a tree or a forest in the description. Looks like it’s time to head into the woods.

The most sought-after stay is a glass hut in Banner Elk, North Carolina. This elevated one bedroom round home offers beautiful tree level views with a black iron spiral staircase between the two levels. Decorated in cream and white with stone walls in some areas, the space looks romantic and luxurious. Outside, a fire pit and hot tub are just steps from a natural waterfall.

Photo: Iwan Baan, courtesy of AirbnbAn architectural marvel in the woods, New York

In second place comes a space billed as a ‘architectural marvel in the woods‘ in Rhinebeck, New York. This two-story structure has a bit of Dr. Seuss appeal with a leaning exterior wall and funky shaped windows. And although there are no bedrooms, the open-plan home can sleep three people. The towel rack itself is a marvel! Unsurprisingly, this is part of a project designed by an architect, Steven Holl.

Third place goes to a “unique Earthhouse Retreat with Spring-Fed Stream,” in Springfield, Missouri, which is a house built into the side of a hill. But it’s not a Hobbit house; it is very modern and its large windows let you forget that it is in fact nestled in the earth.

Dunlap Hollow A-Frame in Ohio
Photo: Levi Kelly, courtesy of AirbnbDunlap Hollow A-Frame in Ohio

The other seven most searched stays include an adobe dome in TerlinguaTexas; a tree house in PerryvilleMissouri; a tree house in Hardwick, Vermont; a treehouse in china grove, North Carolina (detecting a theme here? ); a Off-grid ‘earthship’ in El Prado, New Mexico; a A-frame in the woods of Rockbridge, Ohio; and one historic gazebo converted into a tree house in Fernwood, Idaho.

None of them are in urban areas. It shows that when we go on vacation, we just want to relax in the calming presence of nature.

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