Airbnb is trying to redeem rental reviews with …

Airbnb, which has been criticized by some for its impact on local rental markets, will implement its own “tax” in a city.

The short hire platform will contribute £ 5 to local causes for every booking made in the city in August with the aim of ‘rebalancing tourism’.

The SNP-led Scottish government and several local councils across the country have strongly criticized the impact of short-term rentals on the local rental market, removing properties from the long-term rental sector.

Airbnb says the money raised will go to a fund run by Edinburgh hosts and community organizations, and support local projects in the city.

Amanda Cupples, Managing Director Northern Europe at Airbnb, says: “We are determined to do our part to help rebalance tourism in Scotland and ensure return travel is safe, sustainable and benefits everyone.

“The Edinburgh Community Fund will highlight how every stay can contribute to Edinburgh’s recovery from the pandemic, in addition to the money earned by local hosts or spent by community guests. “

The platform says it also hopes to ease pressure on hotspots by spreading travel across Scotland more widely.

The platform is running a campaign to promote the Scottish Lowlands in order to spread the benefits of tourism to this part of Scotland and to avoid overcrowding in other destinations.

Airbnb says it supports the idea of ​​regulation and wants the SNP administration to consider introducing a mandatory registration system “that will help address local concerns.”

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