Airbnb launches ‘anti-party’ technology in North America

In June, Airbnb announced that he was going permanently ban parties in properties rented through its platform. The company is now springing into action with its new ‘anti-party technology‘ in the United States and Canada. The new tools will help identify potentially high-risk bookings and prevent those users from taking advantage of the platform.

Airbnb says the system takes into account factors such as positive review history (or lack of positive reviews), length of time the guest has been on Airbnb, length of trip, distance to destination ad, weekend versus weekday, among others. The primary goal is to attempt to reduce the ability of malicious actors to host unauthorized parties that negatively impact hosts, neighbors, and communities.

This anti-party technology is designed to prevent a reservation attempt from succeeding. Guests who cannot make whole-house reservations due to this system will still be able to book a private room (where the host is more likely to be physically onsite) or a hotel room through Airbnb.

A similar variant of this system has been tested in Australia since October 2021. The results were good enough for the company to go all the way. In fact, Airbnb Data showed a 35% drop in unauthorized party incidents.

In 2020, Airbnb implemented the under 25 system, which had similar goals. Anti-party technology aims to be even more effective than that. However, the technology isn’t perfect, so hosts should keep that in mind. The company will continue to communicate the results of this testing phase.

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