Airbnb launches “Live and Work Anywhere” initiative

Airbnb says it wants to make it easier for people to “take advantage of their newly dedicated flexibility” by encouraging them to try new remote workplaces. Reporting by Jenny Southan

“Are you a destination well suited to attract the growing global population of remote workers? If the answer is ‘yes’, we want to hear from you,” Airbnb says.

The new “Airbnb”Live and work anywhereaims to promote partner destinations such as Antigua and Barbuda to digital nomads around the world.

The company claims that as flexibility is becoming a permanent part of so many corporate culturesAirbnb wants to make it easier for workers to take advantage of their newly enshrined flexibility by working with governments and destination marketing organizations to create a “one-stop-shop for remote workers, while helping to revive tourism and provide support economic benefits to communities after years of travel restrictions”.

Indicating the rise of the remote work trend, Airbnb revealed that the share of nights booked for long-term stays in the first quarter of 2022 almost doubled compared to the same period in 2019. (In the first quarter of 2019, almost 6% of all bookings were for long-term stays, compared to Q1 2022 it was almost 10%.)

With Airbnb’s support, select destinations will work to develop “sustainable infrastructure” for remote workers that “also takes into account the existing environment and the needs and priorities of locals.”

The company says “enabling mechanisms” for remote workers include: visa policies that make remote work easier for travelers; keep in mind the cost of living and affordability for remote workers; and offering free or discounted access to public transport or car rental.

There should also be access to strong wifi (obviously), strong cell phone service, and coworking-friendly spaces.

In parallel, Airbnb will create a bespoke online landing page for the destination which will be promoted by Airbnb, in close coordination with the destination partner.

Among the first to partner with Airbnb is the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), which will promote CTO member countries with digital nomad programs in the global Airbnb community.

A dedicated landing page provides details on the benefits of remote working in Antigua and Barbuda, and also highlights the best Airbnb places to stay and work.

Colin C James, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, said: “Remote working is part of our new normal, and we are delighted that this Airbnb campaign enables consumers looking to capitalize on the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. , to easily find information on the range of accommodation in Antigua and Barbuda to suit their needs.

Airbnb’s Policy Manager for Central America and the Caribbean, Carlos Muñoz, said, “Airbnb is proud to partner again with the CTO to continue promoting different destinations in the Caribbean so people can work and travel within. This campaign is a new joint effort that will continue to contribute to the promotion of the wonderful region”.

Globetrender also appreciates that Airbnb pushes for community integration. He says, “Our partners should implement ways to help remote workers connect with locals and immerse themselves in their destination by providing access to: a vibrant local culture; cultural immersion courses such as language, cooking, art or dance lessons; and volunteer opportunities in the local community.

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