Airbnb offers employees a fully remote workplace

(Gray News) – Airbnb is offering its employees the option to work remotely indefinitely and not return to the office.

The online marketplace for hosting tell the employees this week that they can work remotely all the time while traveling anywhere in the country where they are currently working.

Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky briefed workers on the remote option in a letter. He wrote that the company would adjust workers’ wages based on where they choose to live.

From September, employees can also live and work in more than 170 countries for up to 90 days a year at each location.

According to Chesky, the world is becoming more flexible amid the pandemic about where people can work and the company wants to hire and retain the best people in the world.

Chesky described the company’s new policy in five points:

  • You can work from home or in the office
  • You can move anywhere in the country where you work and your compensation will not change
  • You have the opportunity to travel and work around the world
  • We will meet regularly for gatherings
  • We will continue to work in a highly coordinated manner

Chesky wrote that he’s excited about the new policy, which gives employees the ability to live and work anywhere, which will help unleash creativity and innovation and make working for Airbnb really fun.

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