Airbnb offers noise detectors in rental units

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Airbnb has announced a new measure to help prevent unauthorized parties in Sacramento and across California.

Ahead of Halloween, the online accommodation market is teaming up with real estate tech company Minut to give Airbnb hosts a free noise sensor to take the worry out of noise concerns in their homes. rentals, according to a press release.

Airbnb hosts are also offered three free months of Minut’s noise and occupancy monitoring subscription service, according to the online rental company.

The collaboration between the two companies comes after Airbnb announced anti-party measures it would take to prevent parties over the weekend before Halloween, which falls on a Monday this year.

“In California specifically, over 12,000 people were deterred by our various anti-party defenses from booking entire real estate listings during Halloween 2021 — including over 250 in Sacramento, Sacramento alone,” Airbnb said in the communicated.

How do noise sensors work?

Noise canceling devices are integrated into Airbnb’s messaging tool, and sensor technology monitors decibel levels. Airbnb said guest privacy will be secure because the noise sensor technology does not record sound or conversations.

Devices report decibels if they exceed a certain level, set by the host, and placement in spaces such as bedrooms and other sleeping areas is prohibited.

If a certain decibel is exceeded, an automatic notification may be sent by Minut through Airbnb’s messaging tool to the host and guest, depending on the rental company.

Airbnb requires hosts to disclose to potential guests that they have these sensors inside the rental on their listing page.

The sensors are available to hosts in more than 60 countries and regions, the company said.

Hosts can claim their noise sensor and subscription offer by clicking here.

Airbnb’s previous bans on parties in Sacramento

Airbnb recently suppressed about unauthorized parties this summer for Memorial Day weekend and July 4th.

In May, Airbnb said it planned to block one-night bookings for both weekends for whole-home listings in Sacramento and the rest of the United States. It was the first time the company had implemented this plan over Memorial Day weekend.

Airbnb rolled out a similar plan in the Sacramento area on July 4, 2021, which blocked more than 400 people from booking entire property listings.

The company began banning parties in 2020, which reduced reports of parties in California by 62% year-over-year, according to Airbnb.

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