Airbnb releases list of trending destinations for digital nomads in 2022

As the search for remote work increases, digital nomads around the world are ready to pack their bags and take advantage of what the hottest destinations have to offer in terms of safety, quality of life, warm weather and comfort. pleasant atmosphere. But what are the trending destinations for digital nomads in 2022? Airbnb answered this question. The most popular short-term rental platform has released a list of trending destinations for those who have embraced the idea of ​​working remotely.

The list was compiled by a new way to search Airbnb designed categories, the innovative Split Stays feature and AirCover for guests. According to the big tech company, the launch represents the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade.

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A key take from Airbnb’s Trending Destinations report is that around one in five guests used the platform to work remotely while on a trip last year, and the numbers seem to be rising beyond that. . The home-sharing app says that, including travel to all destinations, people staying longer than 28 days has increased by 33% since 2019. It has now released a list of the most searched places among customers booking extended stays.

The company also revealed that about one in five guests on Airbnb said they used Airbnb to work remotely while traveling in 2021.

“As flexibility becomes an integral part of so many corporate cultures, Airbnb is helping to make it easier for workers to take advantage of their newly enshrined flexibility. Of the 6 million listings worldwide, 9 out of 10 are already ready for a long stay, and many offer the kinds of features remote workers need, like verified Wi-Fi and a dedicated workspace,” Airbnb said in a press release.

Among the most popular destinations for long-term stays on Airbnb in 2022 Lisbon, Portugal, ranked number one on the list.

Cape Town, South Africa is the only African to feature among the top destinations for digital nomads in 2022. As Travel Noire reported, Cape Town was named in February as one of the best cities in the world for expatriates in Africaaccording to a recent study published by Expatriate Group, identified the best places in the world for expats based on eight characteristics: hours of sunshine per year, fitness facilities, quality sleep, amount of green space, work balance -personal life, happiness, expat friendliness and health care.

Here are the trending destinations for long-term stays on Airbnb in 2022:

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