Airbnb reveals that 80% of Thais plan to travel to Japan

Niseko Mountain Guides Lodge, Hokkaido.

A survey commissioned by Airbnb* found that four out of five Thai adults intend to travel to Japan. More than a third of Thais surveyed would like to visit destinations outside the country’s major cities.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – As the end of the year approaches, Thais are planning their trips for the upcoming holiday season and into 2023. With relaxed entry rules and visa-free entry for Thais, Japan is one of the top destinations Thais are looking to travel to and airlines are adding more routes and flights to meet this surge in travel demand.

A recent survey commissioned by Airbnb found that four in five (80%) Thai adults intended to travel to Japan when they could, with 50% saying Japan was their number one destination on their wish list.

A quarter of Thais surveyed plan to visit Japan more frequently in the future, with more looking to get off the beaten path and visit lesser-known destinations. Notably, more than a third (36%) opt for destinations outside of big cities and nearly a quarter prioritize exploring smaller towns where they can connect with locals.

Talking about her plans to travel to Japan, artist and content creator Chanaradee Chatrakul Na Ayudhya (Julie Boulanger), share“I was so excited to travel abroad again after the pandemic and Japan is one of the destinations I love. I love Japan – from art to culture, nature, cuisine and the good memories I have of my work there. Going back to Japan this time felt like coming home and it was nostalgic. During my stay, I visited the sites sightseeing, explored neighborhoods near my Airbnb stay, visited my old friends, and of course enjoyed the food!”

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