Airbnb-style short-term rentals will be refused in Dublin – The Irish Times

Full-time use of houses and apartments in Dublin City for Airbnb-style rentals is set to be phased out, following a decision by Dublin City Council not to allow short-term rentals.

The policy decision comes as a company that owns five downtown luxury homes, previously approved for vacation rental, was ordered to stop using the properties for short-term accommodation.

The houses in Grattan Court East near Merrion Square, one of which had been marketed as the Bobby Sands Suite, had been used as holiday accommodation since being built in 2017.

Since last July, owners of properties in areas of rental pressure must obtain planning permission to use their accommodation for short-term rental purposes for more than three months a year.


However, while owners can apply for clearance, the council said it had no intention of approving such requests and gave no clearance date.

City Council received 16 short-term rental applications. Of these, eight were refused planning permission, two applications were declared invalid, three were withdrawn by the applicant and three are still awaiting a decision from council.

In a report to be presented to councilors next week, council said its policy is ‘to refuse planning permission for any development which would result in the loss of permanent residential units in designated areas of rent pressure’.

The policy effectively means that no house or apartment, which could be used as full-time rental accommodation, will receive planning permission for short-term rental.

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