Airbnb updates features and rolls out over 100 changes to adapt to post-Covid travel

Travel experiences have changed a lot since the start of the pandemic. Coupled with work-from-home routines, vacations aren’t just vacations anymore. People are now looking for healthier experiences where they can enjoy all that vacations have to offer without breaking away from their daily lives. So it’s no surprise that companies like Airbnb have quickly adapted to these demands and offer everything on a platter.

With healthy experiences in mind, Airbnb has rolled out over a hundred changes. For example, the company offers flexible terms. Guests can seek weekend getaways to month-long stays. Airbnb offers flexible matching that will show listings outside of a specified search. While the arrival guide will display all the arrival information customers need, including directions and Wi-Fi, in one place, the faster checkout process will allow customers to make their first reservation of easy way.

The company updated its filters menu and refreshed its maps and geofilters. It has added seasonal filters that will show customers if a seasonal activity can be enjoyed at a given time. New inclusive experiences would showcase activities designed to include the disability community. Experienced hosts may also offer free rates to caregivers assisting travelers with disabilities.

The app will also help you plan your experiences while traveling or find a stay near a special place such as a waterfall or winery.

Airbnb will also make it easier to host with features such as calculating the estimated price of the stay you are offering, automatic photo organization, description starter, online courses by Superhosts, alerting hosts from something important, streamlining reviews and much more.

The app has expanded its support from 11 languages ​​to 42 languages, offers localized emergency services information for fire, police, and EMTs in most regions.

On Airbnb’s earnings call, co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said, “People can now travel anytime. People also travel everywhere. They don’t just go the same 20 or 30 , and rural communities. And when people travel, they stay longer. 24% of our nights booked in Q1 were for stays of 28 nights or more. People don’t just travel on Airbnb, they live now on Airbnb.”

Chesky said those preferences aren’t going away any time soon. He added that the world is not going back to how it was and therefore travel is not going back to how it was.

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