Airbnbs in Orlando: Great Vacation Rentals and Group-Friendly Party Homes in Orlando, Florida

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As you may know, Orlando is home to some of the best theme parks in the world, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay and SeaWorld, each offering endless days of adventure. But the sprawling metropolitan area isn’t all thrilling rides and long lines. There are also wonderful non-theme variety parks, fun museums (the World Chocolate Museum, anyone?), tons of golf courses, water sports and boat tours, and amazing restaurants.

All that to say: Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a getaway to this Florida vacation spot, especially if you’re there with a group of people you really like. (Whether it’s friends, family, or a mix, it’s a decision only you can make.)

And while Orlando has over 120,000 hotel rooms, sometimes after a long day of non-stop fun, it’s nice to throw your mouse ears on the bed of a place where you’ll feel right at home, especially if this house has pools, water parks and pool bars. and golf courses. To help you find all that and more, we’ve rounded up the best group-friendly Airbnbs in and around Orlando, perfect for Disney fans and non-fans alike.

Daisy Barringer is a Thrillist contributor.

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