AirDNA: Strong demand for Airbnbs in Greece

Greece was one of three countries in Europe to show an increase in Airbnb request in October based on pre-booking data, according to the analytics company AirDNA.

Specifically, according to AirDNA European market reviewmore than 30 million pre-bookings for short-term rentals were made in Europe in October, marking a 29.4% increase from the same month in 2021 and a 16% rise from 2019 levels.

Marking the best overall performance compared to pre-pandemic 2019 in october was Francereporting 47.9% more nights, followed by Greecewhere bookings increased by 43.5%, and Austria with a 31.7% increase in short-term tourism bookings.

Overall in EuropeAccording to AirDNA, demand for short-term vacation accommodations exceeded 2019 by 9.6% and 22.8% compared to the same month a year ago.

However, overnight stays fell from September to October in 19 of the 20 main European destinations, including Greece. Belgium was the only one exception reporting a 5.5% increase in overnight stays in October compared to September.

The number of listed properties also increased in October, rising 14.6% in October year-on-year, but still down 8.9% from 2019. Occupancy levels were 3.7% higher than 2021 and up 17.7% from 2019, while average daily rates fell 0.8% year-over-year but increased by 25.2% compared to 2019. RevPAR also increased by 2.8% compared to a year ago and by 47.4% compared to 2019.

According to AirDNA analysts, good numbers for october succeeded in mitigating the “shoulder season effect”. Mountain/lake destinations gained popularity during the fall months. In view of the holiday travel seasonEuropean nights booked from November 13 are expected to exceed 2019 and 2021 demand by 6.2% and 28.3%, respectively.

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