American influencer ‘blown away’ after hearing Scouse’s accent for the first time

TikTok star Mikayla Nogueira has gone viral on social media after sharing her amusing reaction to hearing a Scouse accent for the very first time and claiming it left her ‘intimidated’

Mikayla’s mind was blown

We often hear Americans gush about how much they love the British accent, but they often don’t realize that not everyone here sounds the same.

Depending on where you live, there are different regional dialects that will impact your sound, be it Geordie or Brummie.

But a woman from the United States got stitches on the internet after hearing a Scouse accent for the very first time, reports the Echo of Liverpool.

Beauty influencer and makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira from Massachusetts has more than 12 million people on TikTok and often tests products recommended to her.

She was recently mentioned in a video by another makeup enthusiast named Melissa, who had a heavy Liverpool accent.

Please note that the video below contains explicit language.

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In a online video, Melissa recommended Mikayla try a Marshmallow Beauty Blender, which was from Chloe’s Coco Cosmetics.

The 23-year-old American responded to the clip by sharing her honest reaction to Melissa’s accent.

She said, “Can we pause for a second. Can I say this, your accent, your voice is like… I was in awe listening to that.

“I love it. Oh my God and your hair is fucking sick, like I wish I could do that. This video just put me in a good mood.”

More than 2.5 million people have since watched the video, and thousands have followed the comments to share their thoughts.

Many shared their amusement when Mikayla discovered a new accent, to which the influencer added that she was “stunning” and thought it was “very cool”.

She also claimed she learned a “new word” because she didn’t know what Scouse was originally.


Another replied: “The best accent in the world”.

A third added: ‘I love you but the thought of finding a wonderful Scouse accent cracks me up.’

And Melissa also responded to the clip, saying, “Oh my God, I’m crying here ILY. Thank you so much.”

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