Another American found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in Mexico Airbnb

Another American is said to have died the same day as three other travelers from carbon monoxide poisoning in an Airbnb.

Angélica Arce, 29, had met her siblings Marco Arce and Andrea Arce, to attend the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix, in the Mexican capital and attended a practice session for the Formula 1 race on October 28.

The siblings returned to the apartment that night and woke up feeling sick the next day. However, Angélica and Andrea were the only ones to see a local doctor, who diagnosed them with heat exhaustion.

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They remained in the apartment unaware that they had been exposed to carbon monoxide. On October 30, Marco woke up to find Angélica dead.

We’re told Airbnb is currently settling a similar lawsuit for a guest found dead at an Airbnb short-term rental in Mexico.

Mexican law does not require apartments to have carbon monoxide detectors in their units, so it is IMPERATIVE that if you plan to stay at an Airbnb while in Mexico, you MUST purchase a portable carbon monoxide detector for your own safety.

If you are an Airbnb host, you MUST install carbon monoxide detectors in your units if the hosting platform requires you to. You could be held responsible for the death of your guests if this happened in your short-term rental.

You can buy carbon monoxide detectors here.

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