Are property management companies necessary? Nathan Levinson talks about his industry and Royal York Property Management

Toronto, Ontario, February 25, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, In this era of DIY and passive income, more and more people are investing in real estate and renting out properties to diversify their income. It’s easy to see why: having tenants who pay you rent and make you rich is an attractive idea (Airbnb witness). However, while you may have lived in your own home for years and are familiar with its upkeep and expenses, maintaining another property, which is sometimes in a different city or state, is another matter. This raises a tricky question: you know how to take care of one house, but do you really want to manage another? Should you hire a property management company to do it for you? Nathan Levinsonthe founder and president of Royal York Property Management (Royal York) and MATEEM, its best-selling software, agreed to give a no-holds-barred analysis of the pros and cons of tinkering or handing over the reins to a company like Royal York.

“First of all, I applaud anyone who has an entrepreneurial instinct and wants to manage a property on their own,” Nat said. “It takes a lot of courage and shows that they have great leadership instincts. That said, if you are considering renting or renting a property, I would like to give you some perspective that can help you decide if royal york is good for you.

Nat recommends that you first analyze how much extra time you actually have. “Your life is about to get a lot busier,” he believes. “You’re going to have to screen tenants, find out what legal guidelines you’ll be responsible for, manage your accounts, do maintenance – and that’s just the start. On the surface, you can do any of these things, of course. The question, however, is whether you have time to do all of this any day of the week, at any time. If so, you may not need Royal York, but if that makes you a little nervous, that’s where we could be a great solution for you. We offer a cloud-based platform that gives you a place where all of this and more can be done any time of the day or night. »

Nathan says those who are starting to manage their own properties may come to a time when they would like to outsource the responsibility to Royal York. “Perhaps you did well with this property, but now want to grow your portfolio by investing in others. Now you will have double or triple the responsibilities, but you will still only have 24 hours a day. That’s when royal york can accompany you. We can take care of those mundane but crucial tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business. »

Nathan shares that he has seen a lot owners who have managed to maintain their properties but struggle to find tenants and get them paid on time each month. “It’s such a common problem and, people being what they are, I doubt that will ever change,” he says. “The good news, however, is that you can avoid these hassles with Royal York.”

Nathan’s customers enjoy the freedom to allow royal york to find their tenants and even guarantee their rent. “It’s not hard to see the benefits here,” says Nathan. “We have already seen over the past year how vulnerable the housing market is, including rentals and leases. Finding tenants and then dealing with those who cannot pay will never be easy. When you are a royal york customer, we help you filter your tenants more efficiently. We also maintain your rent even in the event of default by the tenant. Does anyone need to be deported? We will pay for these legal services and then replace your tenant free of charge. If someone breaks their lease, you’re still covered – we’ll find you a new tenant for a year. It’s guaranteed rental income, a big load on your mind I’m sure.

Nat half-jokes that managing a property will be like raising a baby. “You are going to receive maintenance calls at all hours of the night. If you feel comfortable handling a leaky faucet that floods a bathroom at 3:00 a.m., then I salute your ability! However, if you’re like most people, you’ll need help, which is why our 24/7/365 services can take that pressure off your shoulders and make it easier for you to sleep.

Nathan ultimately recommends that a potential property manager take their time and consider all of their options before deciding if Royal York is right for them. “Our greatest value to you is that we save you time and money,” he says. “I think if you sit down and make a list of all the pros and cons of working with Royal York, you’re going to see us come out on top. We can be a strong ally for you as you develop your property and increase your income.

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