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IDAHO FALLS – Of all the news we’ve covered this year, 2022 has taught us that eastern Idaho has a thriving business sector.

From opening new stores to repurposing long-standing buildings, entrepreneurs were busy fulfilling their dreams and serving their customers in the process.

Here’s a look at the most viewed business stories of the year, based on our analytics.

10. Biz Buzz: 71-year-old tire store in Idaho Falls under new ownership – October 19, 2022

Tanner Landon, right, bought the Fred & Wayne tire store from Mitch Kvarfordt, left, on October 4. | Rett Nelson,

In October, Tanner Landon, 37, of Idaho Falls, and his wife, Jenna, purchased Fred & Wayne’s Tire store at 1970 North Yellowstone Highway from Mitch Kvarfordt.

The idea of ​​buying Fred & Wayne’s was appealing to Tanner not only because it was established, but it also allowed him to fit repairs into the business model. He also likes being able to carry different brands of tires, which is not an option in some stores.

One of his mother’s favorite hobbies is riding an e-bike, and Landon would like to start selling some in the future. As an avid fisherman, he also plans to become an authorized repair center for Minn Koda, a manufacturer of electric fishing rod motors.

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9. Biz Buzz: Nostalgic candy shop in Shelley being expanded after posting eyebrow-raising sign – July 6, 2022

A nostalgic candy store in Shelley that raised eyebrows last year for displaying political signs out front underwent a massive expansion project this summer.

#Treats offers a variety of nostalgic 1900s treats including Abba-Zabas, Coconut Slices, Whistle Pops (which are similar to Toot Sweets from the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”), Black Cows, Bottlecaps, and Nickel Nips wax bottles. One of the most popular items is the chewing gum cigarette.

In January, the store moved a few blocks from its former location at 202 South State Street to 326 North State Street. Stephanie and her husband, Flint, planned to add an indoor ice cream bar where they will serve Farr’s ice cream to customers.

They also added space for karaoke and open mic night. A new feature will combine an escape room with a haunted house.

The boutique’s new building is part of what was once a motel, and the duo worked hard to convert each of the rooms into the FlintRock Retreat, a series of themed Airbnb suites for tourists.

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8. Biz Buzz: Idaho Falls Man Gives Customers Fast Vehicles And Big Dreams With Off-Road Auto Shop – February 16, 2022

Philip Keathley
Phillip Keathley, 21, inside Dirtslayers, an off-road vehicle auto shop at 450 South Yellowstone Highway in Idaho Falls. | Rett Nelson,

If you spend just a few minutes with Phillip Keathley, it’s clear he knows his stuff.

The 21-year-old Brigham Young University-Idaho student recently opened Dirtslayers, an outfitter shop at 450 South Yellowstone Highway in Idaho Falls that customizes and builds anything and everything related to off-road vehicles.

Keathley started running the business from the garage of his Idaho Falls home two years ago, and is thrilled to now have a more visible location in town.

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7. Biz Buzz: Owners of new luxury salon want customers to ‘have something to brag about’ – April 27, 2022

amanda and devyn living room photo
Amanda Mitchell and Devyn Pennell are co-owners of a luxury salon at 348 B Street in downtown Idaho Falls called Glow Hair Co. | Courtesy pictures

Amanda Mitchell and Devyn Pennell have wanted to own a luxury living room for years, and earlier this year they got their wish. The duo opened Glow Hair Co. at 348 B Street on April 18.

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6. Biz Buzz: Local trio aim to ‘rob the grave’ and ‘connect the community’ through coffee – June 15, 2022

photo of grave robbers
Zachariah Monson, center, and his partners, Tim Olsen, left, and Zack Mahan are the owners of Grave Robbers Coffee. | Rett Nelson,

At first glance, Zachariah Monson and his two business partners, Tim Olsen and Zack Mahan, are a tough-looking bunch. But appearances can be deceiving.

The trio had been addicted to drugs for a long time and have since turned their lives around through rehab and recovery programs.

Earlier this year, they came together to form Grave Robbers Coffee, an online company that manufactures and distributes fresh coffee beans to customers. Coffee beans are sourced worldwide and roasted locally.

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5. Biz Buzz: New Burrito Restaurant Opens in Idaho Falls (and Closes Later) – February 23, 2022

burrito revolution pic 2
Tyler Karraker opened Revolution Burrito at 900 Pancheri Drive, Suite A in February. Unfortunately, it closed a few months later. | Rett Nelson,

Since the age of 15, Tyler Karraker has dreamed of owning his own restaurant.

The 35-year-old from Idaho Falls started working in fast food restaurants in central Illinois, where he grew up. He moved to eastern Idaho about 10 years ago and opened Revolution Burrito in February at 900 Pancheri Drive, Suite A. (It closed a few months later).

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4. Biz Buzz: 90 year old business in the Firth under new ownership, being refurbished – 20th July 2022

photo of holly and friends renovation
Brian Johnson, left, Holly Johnson, Jeniece Olive, Brett Olive and Shuryce Prestwich carry out renovations at Collet’s Pub at 132 Main Street in Firth. The building dates from the early 1900s. | Holly Johnson

When it closed in 2020, Collet’s Pub at 132 Main Street in Firth had served customers for 90 years.

Holly Johnson, who has fond memories of eating burgers there with her family as a child, recently purchased the 1,200-square-foot space and former theater next door.

She and her husband, Brian, and their friends, Brett and Jeniece Olive and Shuryce Prestwich, are working to update it and give it a new look. They were tentatively planning to reopen Collet’s in September when we spoke to them in July. As of December 31, the owners indicate on the company’s Facebook page they are “excited to reopen as soon as possible”.

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3. Biz Buzz: Popular Sporting Goods Retailer Heads to Idaho Falls – February 2, 2022

Dicks Outdoor Sporting Goods
Dick’s Sporting Goods opened a store in the old Macy’s in Idaho Falls this year. The photo above is the exterior of a store in Manchester, Connecticut, taken in 2014. | Courtesy Wikipedia learned in February that Dick’s Sporting Goods, which opened at the Grand Teton Mall earlier this year, was coming to Idaho Falls. Here is the story we published at that time.

2. Biz Buzz: 2 commercial projects underway near future Latter-day Saint temple site in Rexburg – January 26, 2022

new wendy rexburg
A new car wash and Wendy’s restaurant are in development on North Second East in Rexburg. | Courtesy of Robert Pincock

In January, we learned that a Wendy’s and car wash was under construction at 1371 North Second East, the property immediately south of the 100-acre parcel on North Second East and Moody Drive in Rexburg where construction of the temple should start soon. . Here’s what we reported.

1. Biz Buzz: Upscale Steak and Seafood Restaurant Debuts in Eastern Idaho This Month – March 16, 2022

steak chop
The Rib & Chop House opened in March inside Broadway at 320 Memorial Drive in downtown Idaho Falls. | Left photo courtesy of Joshua Levitt

The Rib & Chop House, which had been under construction for six months, opened on March 28 in the space next to Lucy’s Pizza at 320 Memorial Drive in Idaho Falls. Read the original story here.

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