Ben’s throwback photo before Mahogany was born has fans worried

A Reddit user stumbles upon a photo of Ben Rathbun and his ex-wife Lisa from 1998, which again has fans worried about Mahogany’s young age.

90 day fiance Fans on Reddit have discovered an old photo of Ben Rathbun, which has them worried about Mahogany Roca’s age. Ben, 52, from Michigan, had a romance with Mahogany, 24, on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5. Although Mahogany showed many signs of being a catfish, including her heavily edited selfies on Instagram and her refusal to make video calls with Ben, he freaked out when he discovered that she was actually 22 years old and lied about his age. Ben decided to end his trip to Peru, due to Mahogany’s bluff, but a fan spotting them together at a mall recently surely put him in a bad light.


At first, fans didn’t expect Ben to meet the real Mahogany in person. Although Mahogany looks nothing like her Instagram selfies, Ben refused to give up on his plans to marry her. Mahogany admitted that his parents were against their relationship, considering that Ben might have nefarious intentions, so he decided to meet with them to discuss. However, Ben discovered Mahogany’s list of lies didn’t stop at her by using a photo manipulation app. The same Mahogany who lived with her parents until a month ago said she was left alone. Also, Mahogany’s supposed apartment looked more like a place she rented on Airbnb because she wasn’t missing any of her belongings. Then Mahogany’s mother accidentally blew her cover revealing she was 22 and not 24 like she told Ben.

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Considering Mahogany’s age, it’s safe to say she was born in 2000, two years after a photo was taken of Ben and his ex-wife Lisa that Reddit user DreamAlton discovered. The photo shows Ben, then 28, posing with Lisa for his church yearbook in 1998.”Reverend and Mrs. Benjamin Rathbun Youth and Music Partner and Wife Lisareads the caption on Ben’s throwback photo. Ben explained on the show that he was once part of a strict religious sect which he called “like a sectFormer pastor Ben described his former religion as having strict rules, which he and his wife followed for years until they decided to leave.

He looked even scarier before than he does nowwrote pimpfriedrice in the comments to the Reddit post. Fans recalled Ben insisting he wasn’t going through a midlife crisis during his 90 day fiance presentation interview. However, the photo suggests that Ben now regrets how he had to settle in early during his worship days.”and now trying to make up for that lost time with someone of inappropriate youth,” as Sufficient-Swim-9843 says. Ben seems to want a “restart” and wants to make up for lost time not only by dating young people but also by reinventing herself by working on her body and launching a career as a fitness model.

Fans also think Ben didn’t have his “falling” eye in the photo and he seems to have had a makeover as well. Ben seemed to have a problem with a 22-year-old girl because that’s his oldest daughter’s age, but he was okay with marrying a 24-year-old. Also, Ben continues to pursue Mahogany, even though he now knows the truth. Ben walked hand-in-hand through a Lima mall with Mahogany recently without cameras, as one observant fan reported. Ben and Mahogany’s relationship has many unanswered questions that even 90 day fiance might not resolve. This includes Ben supposedly hiding the fact that he was potentially married/engaged to another young woman named Amy in 2019, who he shared a Facebook account with.

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