Berlin extends its €29 ticket until the end of March 2023

The Berlin Senate has announced that it will continue to sell the €29 public transport ticket without changing its price for the Berlin urban area.

Announcing the news, the Senate said the discounted €29 ticket offer, available since October this year, will apply until the end of March 2023, reports.

“The 29 euro ticket is extended: the reduced price offer is to apply in the Berlin urban area until the end of March 2023. The Berlin Senate is thus investing in modern public transport and effectively relieving the burden on Berliners », wrote the Senate on its official Twitter account.

Before the Senate decided to extend the discounted offer, authorities planned to keep the €29 ticket in place only until the new national €49 ticket was introduced. Nevertheless, as the Berlin authorities estimated that the €49 ticket would not be ready by January 2023, they decided to extend the current ticket until March.

Commenting on the extension of the €29 ticket, Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey said it was important to strengthen local public transport as it ensures social participation and speeds up traffic rotation.

“The strengthening of local public transport is good for the whole of Germany because it relieves people noticeably, ensures social participation and speeds up traffic turnover”, reads Giffey’s statement.

According to the Senate, the amending budget provides 500 million euros to ease the burden on citizens through reduced tickets for local public transport. Finances Senator Wesener explained that by providing additional funding, the authorities want to create reliability in uncertain times.

Previously, reported that the federal states of Germany have agreed on plans to introduce a new €49 ticket valid for public and regional transport throughout the country..

German authorities have indicated that the new ticket will go on sale in a subscriber format. I Am Expat explained that the transport minister had indicated that the new ticket would only be available as a monthly subscription and that it would be sold digitally. Additionally, he noted that anyone who signs up for the program could cancel it at any time.

At the time such plans were announced, Volker Wissing, who is Minister of Transport in the Federal Government under Chancellor Olaf Scholz, pointed out that the new ticket would be just as easy to use as the previous one and, at the same time pointed out that the new ticket will help “breaking down barriers” in the system since it can be used across national borders.

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