Best Airbnb Los Angeles: The Most Stylish Places to Stay in 2022

Wondering which listing wins the title of “Best Airbnb Los Angeles”? You’re not alone. Turns out, the California dream is a highly sought-after state of mind: Airbnb recently revealed that Los Angeles was his first destination for long term stays in 2022.

Oh, the glamorous yet effortless allure of the City of Angels. There’s the designer boutiques of Rodeo Drive and the hip boutiques of Abbot Kinney, the flashing billboards of Sunset Boulevard and the seafood shacks of Pacific Coast Highway, the look-at-me style of Beverly Hills and the vintage vibes of Silver Lake. Add a healthy dose of palm trees and consistently sunny weather (Los Angeles only gets 30 days of rain a year) and you have a fabulously fun place to fantasize about. Or, as the vaccine roll-out continues apace, fabulously fun to visit.

When this writer first arrived in Los Angeles, he was asked a very important question: “Are you a hill person or a beach person?” This means: Los Angeles is a large and sprawling city, mostly traveled by car. The neighborhood you choose doesn’t completely define your LA experience, but it does play a big part in it.

So on that note, here are our nine picks for Best Airbnb: Los Angeles. Whether you want a humble bohemian enclave or a bustling modernist mansion in the Hollywood Hills, there’s sure to be something out there that matches your West Coast ideal. (And, if you decide an urban getaway isn’t for you, don’t worry. Instead, check out some of our favorite homes in Joshua Tree.)

Stone Mansion (Malibu)


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