Bexs Banco and Thunes join forces to enable real-time payments in Brazil

SINGAPORE and SAO PAULO, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Money, a Singaporeheadquartered global payments company, today announced a partnership with from Brazil Bexs Banco (“Bex”), a pioneer in international digital payments, to help global businesses and customers make real-time payments at Brazil, including payments to Pix, the instant payment system developed by from Brazil Central bank.

Through this partnership, Brazilian recipients will be able to benefit from increased speed and transparency of inbound transactions processed by Thunes. Those who use Pix will receive payments instantly. Since its launch in november 2020, Pix has already gained over 112 million unique users and has become the leader in from Brazil the arena of alternative payments, ensuring full interoperability between banks and fintechs in Brazil. Nine out of 10 bank transfers are now made using Pix contactless payment methods, with more than a billion transactions per month.

“We were the first payment provider in Brazil to integrate Pix technology in cross-border transactions. We now operate with Thunes, which processes payments for global players across several major technologies, digital banks and international money transfer platforms. Through this integration, as an example, we are offering faster payments to Airbnb hosts in Brazil to visit tenants who send their payment from another part of the world, and we hope to increase further from Brazil comprehensive trade relations with the world ”, declared Luiz Henrique Didier Jr., CEO of Bexs. “With the connections we have created, we have shortened processes, making them faster and transactions, therefore, cheaper., “ he added.

Brazil is a strategic market for Thunes: it is home to a large population of creative and entrepreneurial talents, including independents, influencers and gamers. Many of them are making income from the growing Creator and Gig Economy platforms and rightly expect real-time payments and high-quality service. Our partnership with Bexs delivers just that: faster and better payments that can benefit millions of Brazilians. This is undoubtedly a very important strategic partnership for our company, and we hope to see rapid growth from it, ”said Tamer El-Emary, COO, Thunes.

Thunes is experiencing strong demand for international payments to and from Latin America. Forecasts suggest that global cross-border transactions will increase to reach 156 trillion dollars in 2022, B2B payments representing 150 trillion dollars. Latin America the share of these transactions is expected to increase significantly due to the boom in world trade in the region. The company’s existing network in the region covers more than 16 countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

About Thunes

Thunes is a B2B business that powers payments for the world’s fastest growing businesses. With a single, simple sign-on, consumers and businesses can send payments and get paid anywhere in the world. Thunes currently supports over 60 currencies, supports payments in 115 countries, and accepts over 285 payment methods. Thunes is headquartered in Singapore with the regional offices of London, Paris, Shanghai, new York, Dubai, and Nairobi. For more information visit

Contact: Irina Chuchkina, +65 9775 5128, [email protected]

About Bexs Banco

Bexs specializes in the processing of cross-border payments and foreign exchange transactions for international companies. Through our API platform, our solution offers a unique combination of online payments, bulk payments and foreign exchange transactions for digital businesses looking to process payments locally in Brazil, receive or send payments, without the need for a local entity. Our goal is to bring innovation and technology to facilitate access to global goods and services for Brazilians, enabling international online businesses to reach over 200 million people.

Contact: Cristiane Nascimento, +55 97609-0550, [email protected]


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