Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds thank the restaurant for their wedding

Is it real?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently took to Instagram to share their love for Boston’s Japanese restaurant, O Ya, and credit them for their long-standing relationship according to The beautiful couple just celebrated their 10th birthday, a Hollywood story come true, but it looks like it all started in Boston. Lively proclaimed in her Instagram story, “If there hadn’t been this place. We wouldn’t be together. No kidding. No restaurant means more to us, ”the actress said according to a report.

Celebrities supporting their favorite restaurants

Is the story true or is she just a wonderful human being to help some local restaurants get the love and publicity they need so much to recover from pandemic shutdowns? Either way, it’s a good thing to do. Her husband Ryan Reynolds How’s Instagram @vancityreynolds was recently in Worcester filming “Spirited”, a musical based on Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”. Filming took place at Mechanics Hall.

Not only have restaurants benefited

Lively’s screams weren’t limited to O Ya, she also proclaimed the best donuts one can have at Kanes Donuts who took the opportunity to respond by reminding Lively that they ship nationwide. . You can follow Kanes Donuts @kanes_donuts on Instagram. I just wrote this week about Katie Couric using her Instagram to help a Maine resident find her lost alliance and now Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are using their social media accounts to help local businesses. Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, did you know he owns a phone company? Like a T-mobile … yes it’s called Mint Mobile, it’s pretty cheap too. As soon as my contract is over, I think about changing. Nice to see celebrities using their many social media followers for something good.

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