Boris Becker’s ex-wife tears up imprisoned tennis star and ‘don’t give two s****’

Boris Becker’s ex-wife has named the jailed tennis star who she says has ‘finally discovered that his actions have consequences’. The German is currently spending time behind bars in Huntercombe prison after being sentenced to two and a half years for concealing assets during bankruptcy proceedings.

Becker is only expected to spend 15 months locked up and serve the rest of his time on license. Lily Becker, who married the former world number one in 2009 before announcing their separation nine years later, is still married to the tennis ace and the model was quick to describe the situation she finds herself in. now the three-time Wimbledon champion.

The Dutchwoman also expressed the anguish she felt when she had to explain to their son Amadeus, 12, where Becker would be spending the next two years. “I don’t care what he eats. It won’t be steamed sea bass from Scott’s, will it? she said Mail onlinereferencing the beloved Mayfair restaurant of the wealthy.

“But I can’t tell my son that, can I?” That’s what I mean. Boris did it, and I have to clean up the mess. It’s always the women who have to clean up the mess. Telling our son his dad was in jail is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do…it’s always the women who have to clean up his mess. My instinct was to say it as it is: “Your father is in prison. He screwed up.

“But you can’t say that to a 12-year-old, can you?” Not when you are the mother, mother tiger whose job on this earth is to protect this child. Lily didn’t tell their son where Becker learned about the sensitivity of the issue and didn’t expect the star to be jailed, but after overcoming the shock verdict she got no further choice but to break the news to their young son. “No one expected Boris to be jailed, so why would I want my child to even know about the trial?” she continued.

“When the sentence came, however, everyone was in shock, but I was the one who had to tell Amadeus. It was one of the worst things I have ever had to do. I’ll never forget to look into his blue eyes – as blue as Boris’s – and watch them go from left to right and back again. He was stunned. He just couldn’t take it. The sentence had been uttered on a Friday, and he had seen his father on Thursday, so he was like ‘but . . . I just saw him.’ You know that thing when someone dies, and you can’t believe it because he was right there? It was like that.”

Boris Becker’s ex-wife Lily says the jailed tennis ace finally discovered his actions had consequences’

Now that the youngster has had a chance to digest the devastating news, Lily has commented on how he is coping. “Amadeus is better now. He asks questions — what is Dad going to eat? Will he be able to watch movies?” she said. “So I just have to answer as best I can, but no, it’s not fair that I’m in this position. It’s not fair that Amadeus is in this position.

Earlier this week, Becker was moved to an alien prison, according to reports. The temperature claimed the German’s lawyer told reporters in Berlin that he had been moved to a Category C prison in Huntercombe near Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. Although the tennis legend is being held in a more relaxed prison than before, Becker faces deportation as early as next year.

Huntercombe is one of only two prisons reserved for convicted foreigners and holds around 400 men. A 2017 report found that approximately 185 out of 197 felons released from prison within six months were deported.

Becker lived in Britain for a decade but will be considered for deportation as he does not have British citizenship. Foreigners sentenced to more than 12 months in prison could be deported from the UK because their deportation “is deemed to be in the public good”. A source said: “Boris always said he would get citizenship but never did. Overseas criminals can be deported if their sentence is serious enough. Boris is likely to be considered.

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