Boux Avenue SKIMS dupe gave me a ‘confidence boost’ for a fraction of the price – Bethan Shufflebotham

When I learned Boux Avenue had created a line of shapewear loungewear to rival Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS I was quite excited.

SKIMS sculpting bodysuit and underwear comes at a steep price, with a ‘basic control thong’ costing £28, while full-length onesies cost upwards of £100 – that’s the price paid to look like a Kardashian, apparently.

But Boux Avenue’s new contouring loungewear collection could really give the brand a hard time, because wearing it made me feel better about myself than I did during the entire pandemic.

The ‘Move For You’ range includes a range of thongs and long bodysuits, as well as bralettes, bandeaus and thigh highs, available in store and online in three gorgeous colours.

Two Boux Avenue tops and shorts in olive

I tried on one of their jumpsuits, a bodysuit, two tops, bike shorts and a pair of briefs in their olive and mocha tones – but they also come in a light “stone” color.

Each model is available in small, medium and large – so in size 10 I went with medium. However, I hope that Boux Avenue will expand its range of sizes for this collection, in order to make it more inclusive.

I first tried on the seamless high cut briefs , which costs £14. It might seem like an expensive pair of pants, but they’re so comfortable, flattering, and there’s no puckering or chafing to contend with.

They make the perfect base for the Seamless Full Length Bodysuit (£38), which was a bit sheer with nothing underneath.

Boux Avenue full bodysuit is £38
Boux Avenue full bodysuit is £38

It was really easy to put on as the material is pretty forgiving, but once you’re in it with the straps in place it’s very flattering and sculpting.

It offered a totally seamless athleisure look and was so comfortable to wear, and something that could be worn around the house as loungewear, at the gym as workout wear, and great for walking the dogs or quick commutes. in shops.

the thong bodysuit from Boux Avenue is less than half the price of SKIMS sculpting suits. Alone, it made me feel like an ’80s pilates instructor, but it looks great with a pair of joggers thrown over it. Likewise, a cardigan of a similar color would go very well for comfortable working from home.

Boux Avenue bodysuits are very flattering
Boux Avenue bodysuits are very flattering

I also tried the basic crop top and headband who associate with the cycling shorts ideal for HIIT training

While I may never have a body like Kim Kardashian (and I wouldn’t particularly want to), this line of shapewear from Boux Avenue has given me a real boost of confidence and made me feel amazing.

The Boux Avenue top and shorts set is perfect for the gym
The Boux Avenue top and shorts set is perfect for the gym

It gave me the motivation to hit the gym with my new gear, and it was really easy to move into, and not restrictive at all. I would love to have the full length jumpsuit in any color because I could practically live in it, it’s so wearable and versatile.

You can browse the new ‘Move For You’ range here.

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