Breezeway partners with sojo’s customer amenities platform

WE: Platform for real estate operations and servicesBreezeway, announced an exclusive partnership with sojo, a new start that automates the delivery of guest services for hotel providers.

The growing demand for vacation rentals has burdened hotel providers with more operational work than ever before. Ensuring every property is ready for check-in is a challenge and there is no easy way to stock every unit with quality amenities. Professional managers often order supplies in bulk, either by storing them in a central warehouse or by allocating them to their portfolio, and then schedule the packaging and delivery of the items needed for each reservation. This approach is costly, adds operational complexity, and compromises property readiness.

Partnering with sojo allows Breezeway customers to leverage property data to deliver needed household items like soap, shampoo, paper towels, and more. Managers can choose which items they want to provide to guests in each property and room, synchronize inventory needs between systems and receive pre-packed boxes a few days before check-in, create and track delivery tasks via the dashboard Breezeway’s dashboard and automatically text guests to make sure they have what they need at check-in.

Jeremy Gall, Founder and CEO of Breezeway, said, “Stocking each property with the necessary supplies is a critical operational part of property readiness. By linking operational programs to supply delivery, managers will save costs, reduce customer complaints and provide more hospitable service.

“I am particularly excited about our partnership with sojo as it is the first we have introduced that simplifies hospitality operations offline and has tremendous potential for our customers and the industry at large,” said- he added.

Sojo Founder and CEO Max Farley said, “We couldn’t be more excited to anchor Breezeway as our exclusive operating partner. Breezeway is the leading software for vacation rental operations, and we share a common goal of reducing the operational burden for managers.

“The vacation rental industry must continue to improve its level of hospitality service to gain market share, and by automating the delivery of supplies through sojo, managers have more time to focus on the personal touches. of their customers,” he added.

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