Brussels aims to welcome around 20,000 Ukrainian refugees by the end of June 2022

The European Commission has announced that after several discussions between the federal government and the regions, it has been decided that Brussels will welcome 20,000 Ukrainian refugees by the end of June 2022.

In a press release published on May 5, the European Commission indicated that the coordinator for the reception of Ukrainian refugees, Pierre Verbeeren, had presented his strategy to the Brussels government to achieve this objective, reports.

According to the European Commission, the municipality of Brussels faces many challenges in terms of housing, health care, access to employment, social assistance and education; seven working groups will therefore be set up to facilitate the task of this municipality in the face of the situation.

“The first group will focus on housing provided by individuals and by the municipality. The creation of a digital platform and a webinar is envisaged for this purpose”, read the statement.

Meanwhile, the second group will focus on collective infrastructure capable of sheltering refugees, providing housing for around 5,000 Ukrainians by May 31.

On the other hand, the third group will work on issues of employment, training, language courses and the equivalence of diplomas.

The Employment Office (ACTIRIS) has estimated that around 5,000 people will have to be put to work, also stressing that the acceleration of the diploma equivalence procedure for Ukrainian refugees is one of the ways.

“The fourth group is responsible for ensuring the integration of 3,000 children under 12, 2,500 young people aged 12 to 18, 1,000 students and 1,000 children under 2.5. An action plan must be developed by April 30. statement explained.

In addition, the fifth group will be in charge of access to health care, mental health and chronic diseases. He will also be responsible for developing a control and vaccination plan for certain diseases.

As for the two remaining groups, the first of the two will focus on social protection and benefits while working closely with the Public Center for Social Action (CPAS). The second will be responsible for structuring and assessing the needs of the Ukrainian community. This group is also responsible for supervising the development of the site.

The European Commission reveals that the budget necessary for the implementation of these various measures is estimated at 100 million euros, an amount which will be adjusted according to the situation in Ukraine.

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