Brussels’ Christmas Market isn’t called Winter Wonders for no reason, here’s why it’s so perfect

No country has as many Christmas markets as Belgium and as far as the Plaisirs d’Hiver is concerned, here is what you need to know to attend.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is a beautiful city that boasts brilliant architecture, iconic museums, fabulous places to eat and shop, and vibrant nightlife. Brussels is home to the masterpiece La Grand Place, which has been repeatedly voted one of the most beautiful squares in Europe and is the number one attraction tourists to the city visit on their travels. Moreover, Brussels is famous for its delicious Belgian waffles and its famous salted chocolate.

Belgium has given the world the best comics and personalities, from Tintin and Snowy to the Smurfs, and Brussels has its own Belgian Comic Strip Centre. Brussels is also famous for its few outdoor festivals, such as the Belgian Beer Weekend, the Royal Park Music Festival, the Food Truck Festival and the Jazz Marathon.

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Brussels celebrates Christmas like nowhere else in the world

Brussels will undoubtedly smash with its fabulous Christmas celebrations for a city that is so keen on offering the world delicious waffles, delicious crispy fries and wonderful unique outdoor festivals. The town hosts an annual Christmas market with a Christmas festival called Winter Wonders. And there’s a reason his celebrations are contacted with that name. All over Europe, different cities and capitals organize Christmas markets during the festive period, but it turns out that no one does it with the same sense of flair and glitz as Brussels. The town’s Christmas market has been held regularly every holiday season for over 20 years.

The celebrations provide magical attractions to the point that attendees return year after year to witness the fascinating new activities that the festival has hidden from them. The Brussels Christmas Market welcomes a record 2.5 million visitors each year who flock to the city to witness the wonder of a unique event they have never seen before. Filled with warmth and joy, Les Plaisirs d’Hiver brings together the harmonious innovation and tradition of Brussels to produce a unique and legendary event that is one of the most popular Christmas celebrations in Europe and around the world.

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Things to know at the Brussels Christmas Market

Brussels Christmas Market celebrations take place all around the city center in areas such as La Tour Noire, Place De Brouckère, La Bourse and Place De La Monnaie. People are faced with several accommodation options that they can book during their stay in Brussels. For those on a budget, they can book a room at the Motel One Brussels located in the city center. The Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo, a centrally located 5-star hotel, will offer a superb chic stay for those looking for something more luxurious. Visitors won’t enjoy the festivities without savoring the city’s delicious cuisine, and Brussels has plenty of delights to offer.

A visit to Neuhaus, creator of Praliné chocolate, is a must during the Brussels Christmas Market. Wittamer, Mary, Frederic Blondeel, Pierre Marcolini are other famous chocolate shops worth visiting. Also a must is tasting the Vin Chaud or Vin Chaud de Belgique and the signature crispy Belgian fries tossed with Andalouse sauce. Apart from its unique Brussels and Liège waffles, the city also has an international gastronomy street where people have the chance to taste grilled Balkan skewers, Lebanese pastries, Russian pelmeni and French snails, among other types of tasty dishes. Provided that the pandemic does not yet hit Belgium hard this year, the Christmas Market will take place from November 26, 2021 to January 2, 2022.

A detailed guide to the Brussels Winter Wonderland Festival

People start their Plaisirs d’Hiver celebrations on the Grand Place, where they can enjoy a fabulous free light show that takes place every hour and every 30 minutes during the weekends. The show is accompanied by fantastic music where people can step into another world while enjoying the majestic view of Brussels’ main Christmas tree with the large nativity scene set up in the Grand Place. The next stop will be at the old fish market in Brussels called Marché Aux Poissons, where people will see the beauty of the symbol of the festival, the giant Ferris wheel or La Grande Roue. During Winter Wonderland, the area becomes a wonderful street with a giant monster, hundreds of wooden kiosks and many party pavilions. People can choose from various Christmas gifts and treats to buy.

Another point of interest to visit at Les Plaisirs d’Hiver is the Place Sainte-Catherine, located right next to the Marché Aux Poissons, which stands out for its magnificent UNIT IN LIGHT which presents fascinating light projections on the church of the Street. A mini Christmas village will take place simultaneously at La Tour Noire, where it will take visitors on a mini world tour with all the international gifts and treats it has to offer. Other streets to visit during the Plaisirs d’Hiver in Brussels are La Bourse, Place De La Monnaie and Place De Brouckère, each offering unforgettable moments to those lucky enough to witness them.

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