California teachers earned $43 million on Airbnb in 2021

California educators made millions hosting their properties on Airbnb in 2021, according to a recently published report of business, more than any other state in the United States

More than 15,000 Americans who self-identified as educators listed a property on the platform in 2021, earning more than $276 million in total. The report doesn’t show the number of California educators hosted on Airbnb in 2021, but statewide they earned about $43 million last year, more than double any other state.

Airbnb’s report follows a new report from United Teachers Los Angeleswhich indicated that nearly 30% of teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District work a second job to be able to cover basic living expenses. The report, titled ‘Burned Out, Priced Out’, said the need to take on additional jobs to supplement a teacher’s salary was a major factor causing many to quit teaching altogether. .

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According to the California Department of Education, the average public school teacher salary in 2019-20 for the state of California was $84,531.

California saw a rebound in tourism dollars in 2021 after the pandemic-hit year 2020. The state reported just over $100 billion in travel-related spending in 2021, up 46% from 2020. Since last year, the state — and especially Los Angeles — has also had many reasons to increase tourism, welcoming both Super Bowl LVIand the 2022 MLB All-Star Game.

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Despite all that hosts earn on Airbnb, the platform has always had issues with parties thrown at hosted properties. Last January, four people were killed and another person was hospitalized in an Airbnb rental in Inglewood in front of superbowl. In June, the vacation rental platform parties permanently prohibited in its rental propertiesextending a temporary measure the company started in August 2020.

Here are the top 10 states where educators made the most money hosting on Airbnb in 2021:

  1. California – $43 million
  2. Florida – $21 million
  3. New York – $20 million
  4. Texas – $15 million
  5. Colorado – $12 million
  6. North Carolina – $11 million
  7. Washington – $10 million
  8. Oregon – $9 million
  9. Massachusetts – $9 million
  10. South Carolina – $8 million

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