Cassie’s best friend is in danger, actor says

Air Hostess star Deniz Akdeniz teases that Cassie’s friends Annie and Max will be right in the middle of the mayhem in Season 2.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flight Attendant season 2, episode 2.

The stewardess Season 2 star Deniz Akdeniz teases that Annie and Max are in serious danger after the events of the last episode. The stewardess is a mystery thriller series that premiered on HBO Max in November 2020, the first major project actress Kaley Cuoco starred in after her hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory came out of thin air. Cuoco plays Cassie Bowden, the titular flight attendant whose substance abuse issues lead her to wake up one morning next to a corpse. Clearing her name and solving this mystery was the focus of Season 1, but Season 2, which premiered its first two episodes on April 21, 2022 and featured a now-sober Cassie witnessing yet another murder, proved that The stewardess the series still has gasoline in the engine.


Two characters who returned from the first season are Annie and Max, played by Akdeniz and GirlsZosie Mamet. The couple, who are actually engaged, accidentally ran into two of the season’s most important new characters when they arrived at Cassie’s house in Los Angeles in the Season 2 Episode 2 finale scene, titled “Mushrooms, Tasers , and Bears, Oh My!” They saw Esteban (JJ Soria) attempt to force the door open, offering the weak excuse that he thought the house was his AirBNB where he was staying with his wife Gabrielle (Callie Hernandez). The characters, who have already been seen committing nefarious acts earlier in the season, are certainly up to no good and will be making the rounds. Flight attendant couple like hawks.

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By speaking with TVLine About the developments of the previous episode, Akdeniz gave a preview of what viewers can expect to come soon. While the actor enjoys being in the midst of madness, his character is in grave and immediate danger. This new development means that Max and Annie will be “more involved in murder, mystery and espionage than before.” Read his full quote below:

They are more involved in murder, mystery and espionage than before. They are right on target. They even put themselves in danger, so it was fun to be part of the madness.

Kaley Cuoco Cassie Bowden Deniz Akdeniz Max The Air Hostess

One thing that doesn’t bode well for Annie and Max’s next few days is that Akdeniz was promoted to series regular for season 2. Mamet has been a series regular since season 1, but now both characters are guaranteed to play a bigger role in the overall flow of the season. The way things are looking, they may actually be involved in the most important guideline to solving the new mystery at the center of this season.

The stewardess season 2 also focuses on finding more for Mamet to do outside of just playing Cassie’s support system. Like many TV shows, they seek to deepen supporting characters and spend more time growing them over the course of the series. That’s a very good thing for fans who love the characters, but it’s bad for the characters themselves, given that it means they’ll get even more embroiled in the sinister events surrounding Cassie.

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