Chorlton community rallies around needy family after heartwarming call


The family have been inundated with offers of support after mum Lisa Cerven explained they had nothing in the closet

A Manchester mum has been blown away by the kindness of her local community after posting a plea on Facebook asking for help feeding her children.

After her son’s disability living allowance was changed, leaving the family waiting for payment with nothing in the cupboards, Lisa Cerven took to the Chorlton M21 Facebook group to ask if anyone could donate some help. food to tide them over.

Starting off by saying she felt “very ashamed to ask”, she went on to explain that her son’s DLA had been changed until next week – although she was originally due to get it this Tuesday.

She continued to say she plans to have ‘a nice big store’ as her two children ‘eat a lot’, but following her son’s transfer to a new benefits system, they will now have to pass. for another week.

Elaborating further, she said that “it really, really messed me up” and explained that she “literally didn’t understand anything”, adding, “if anyone has anything in store food-wise, I I was hoping you might be able to help”.

The message continued: ‘My electricity will be fine until Tuesday when I get £20 and we can cope without gas for a while with blankets and stuff (please no hate).

“I’ve tried a few things and we’ve gotten away with it so far, but even if it’s just for my kids, I don’t care, anything can help me.

“Again, I am terribly sorry for being brazen, even all the food banks that can deliver or are close to me and are open now, thank you.

The post, first shared on Sunday, quickly saw locals crowding into the comments section with offers of help.

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From people who run food banks offering to ‘send whatever you need’, to offers from locals to send takeout home and drop off gas, Lisa has been awash with support from all angles.

One person said, “Where are you, I’ll drop you some gas money”

Another person said, “If you need anything, I’ll be happy to help you. Send some money or take you shopping. xx”

A third added: ‘I can drop fruit and veg now if you message me’

A fourth said: ‘If it helps I can transfer some funds to you, it won’t be anything big but something enough for you to warm up in the house as I don’t want you and your kids to babysit the cold in those hard cold days ahead.

A few hours after the post was posted, Lisa commented below to say, “Turn off comments! I had the most amazing responses! This community is truly the best!!! THANKS everyone xxx”

Talk to Le Manc of the donations she received, she added, “This community has been absolutely amazing.”

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In addition to a large number of people commenting on Facebook about offers of help, others sent messages of solidarity and support for his situation.

One person wrote: “You have nothing to be ashamed of, the government should be ashamed. I bless you, I hope you get what you need and even more to help you a little.

Another said: “Lisa Cerven, please don’t be ashamed to ask for help! I admire you for reaching out. Times are so tough right now, it shouldn’t be happening but it is.

“It looks like you’ve received many offers of help from the community since posting this, but if you can’t get what you need, please reach out to me and I’ll I will help where I can. . Sending you my love xxxx”

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A third added: “Never be ashamed to ask Lisa, if you can’t rely on your community, we are in a dire state. X”

A fourth said: ‘I spoke with this lady tonight and have to say I’m so proud of our local community who have helped her. It means so much to her and her children and it took a lot for her to ask.

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She wrote: “Hi I’m very ashamed to ask but my son dla has been changed to next week.

“I was supposed to get it on Tuesday and was supposed to have a nice big shop in both


How to help in Manchester if you see someone homeless in the freezing cold

Georgina Pellant
Georgina Pellant

While much has been done in recent years to improve options for people who find themselves homeless in Greater Manchester, it remains a huge problem – particularly felt when the temperature drops.

The Met Office forecast lows of -3 that will last through the weekend into early next week, while health officials told people to turn on their heating, despite rising costs. But some don’t even have the ability to do so.

In the UK last year, 1,286 people died while homeless, according to the Museum of Homelessness (MoH) Dying Homeless Project.

Generally, there is no legal protection for rough sleepers in England. Most councils offer extra beds when temperatures are expected to drop below 0C for three consecutive nights.

Fortunately, here in Manchester there is more support at hand.

Credit: Giving Compass

What support does Manchester offer the homeless in freezing weather?

Manchester is the first major metropolitan area in the country to pledge help as soon as the temperature drops below 0°C.

Shelters are opened in and around the city center as soon as a night of freezing temperatures is forecast, and stay open until temperatures rise above freezing, giving everyone a warm place to rest.

Accommodation varies from hostel ‘sitting’ spaces to an emergency shelter run by local charity Coffee4Craig for the council, where people are provided with sleeping bags, mats, armchairs and even a TV. And when space runs out in hostels, people are assigned a hotel room for the night.

There is also the mayor’s lighthouse A bed every night scheme, which aims to provide a bed, a hot meal and support to anyone rough sleeping in Greater Manchester at any time of year – whatever the weather.

Credit: Giving Compass

What can I do to help someone?

If anyone worries you, you can contact your local authority via one of the numbers below.

Alternatively, you can use this tool to see what services are available in your area.

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Manchester City Council

Daytime referrals can be made through the Council Rough Sleeper team (0161 234 5339). For out of hours returns call 0161 234 5001.

Salford Council

Salford Housing Options can be contacted on 0161 607 1620 during office hours. Beyond that, the number to dial is 0161 794 8888.

Trafford Council

Contact Housing Options Service Trafford on 0161 793 3252 or 0800 218 2000 outside opening hours.

Bolton Council

During the day call Bolton Town Hall on 01204 333333. Outside opening hours you can refer via the on-call social worker on 01204 337777.

advice to bury

During the day, refer via the Housing Assessment Service on 0161 253 5537. For out-of-hours referrals, call 0161 253 6606.

Wigan Council

The Housing Options team can be contacted on 01942 487 732 during the day. Out-of-hours referrals can be made through the on-call social worker on 01942 828 777.

Tameside Council

Call Tameside Housing Advice on 0161 331 2700 during the day, or contact support services outside opening hours on 0161 331 2700 or 0161 331 2888.

Oldham Council

The number to call during the day is 0161 770 4605. For out-of-hours referrals, dial 0800 988 7061.

Rochdale Council

The Rochdale Cold Weather Service Hotline can be contacted on 01706 923 511 for accommodation information.

Stockport Council

In Stockport, residents are advised to call 0161 474 4237 with details of any vulnerable people they may be concerned about.

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Three men charged with murder after teenager was fatally stabbed in Withington

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has confirmed that three men have been charged with murder after a teenager was stabbed to death in Withington last month.

The 17-year-old victim – who was named as Kyle Hackland – was stabbed around 11.30am on Southlea Road in Withington on Tuesday November 22, and sadly died of his injuries shortly after being taken to hospital.

GMP said at the time that it did not believe the incident was “a random attack”.

Shortly after making the announcement, the force confirmed that on Thursday November 24, a teenager attended North Manchester police station, with a second teenager later attending Cheadle Heath police station later on the same day, and both arrested shortly thereafter. after.

In addition to this, a third teenager has been arrested at an address in Wythenshawe on suspicion of assault, possession of an offensive weapon and fighting.

After confirming that three arrests had been made in relation to the devastating incident, GMP said its Major Incidents team was carrying out a “thorough and thorough investigation” to establish the circumstances and find out who was responsible.

Now the force has confirmed that on Monday three men were charged in connection with the incident.

They were named Yusef Sesay (24/11/2004) of Denton Road in Audenshaw, Lewis Ludford (05/12/2004) of no fixed abode and a 16-year-old man – who cannot be named for legal reasons. .

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Each of the three was charged with murder.

They were all remanded in custody and appeared at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

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