Communicator Spotlight: Elisa Schreiber, Greylock Partners

Photo illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios. Photo: Courtesy of Elisa Schreiber

Elisa Schreiber spent her career as a startup operator and could never have predicted she would end up in venture capital.

Why is this important: Today, she leads marketing and communications for Greylock Partners and supports entrepreneurs and portfolio companies backed by companies like Discord, Rubrik, Airbnb, Coinbase and Roblox.

📍How she got here: Schreiber previously led marketing for the producers of Live 8 – the first live music festival to broadcast widely – and helped produce the first TEDx. Most recently, she led global communications for Hulu.

  • “I will never forget the day Hulu hit 1 million subscribers,” she says. “The whole team gathered around a digital ticker and waited for the moment. The cheers were deafening! “

📈 Trending spot: She has an eye for meme culture.

  • “It is the most defining characteristic of modern communications. It will be fascinating to look back and assess the impact of meme culture on societal interactions.”

🧭 Navigating a cycle of bad news: “It’s very rare that companies are completely caught off guard by a difficult story, so one lesson is this: be prepared.”

  • It’s also important to be as empathetic and transparent in your communications as possible, she says.
  • “And perhaps the most important lesson: never lie. Credibility is the only thing that matters.

☮️ De-stressing routine: Work out with Caroline Girvan’s YouTube workouts or walk her dog.

📱Media diet: “I try to start my day with a win, so I usually play Wordle with my morning coffee.”

  • On Sundays, she reads a hard copy of The New York Times. “You can’t rely on an algorithm to keep you up to date,” she says.
  • After hours, she binges “The Crown” or reads “The Widow Cliquot” by Tilar J Mazzeo.

🐦 Most used app: “Twitter, a lot.”

🤩 Influenced by: VC personalities hunter’s march and Nicole DeTomasso and on the brand side, she loves Steak-Umm uses social media to comment on the news of the day.

💡Words of wisdom: “Make decisions that reflect your personal core values ​​and you will never make bad choices.”

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