Councils are starting to charge Airbnb and leave the lice short…

Local authorities in part of the UK have revealed their charges for Airbnb’s license and other short rentals.

The Scottish Short-Term Licensing Ordinance came into force on October 1 and requires all councils in Scotland to have a licensing system operational for Airbnb and other short-term rentals. Hosts already renting their property have until April 1, 2023 to apply and will need to prove they have used the property for short-term rentals by October.

The licensing of short-term rental properties aims not only to protect existing communities in high-traffic areas through the management of short-term rental licenses, but also to ensure that an appropriate number is allocated and to provide local authorities with an understanding of activity in a particular area.

Now councils are announcing their charges according to local media in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has advised this should not be more than £437, but many councils say this would not cover administration costs.

The Glasgow Live news website says owners of short-term rentals such as Airbnbs in East Renfrewshire have to pay £230 to £595 depending on the size of the property – although the council there has made know that the actual cost of administering the license is actually around £1300.

Glasgow City Council has proposed four types of license fees for short-term rentals: secondary rental, home rental, home sharing or home rental and home sharing. Costs range from £405 upwards with additional costs per room depending on each category. License renewals will generally be less expensive than initial licenses.

The Propertymark letting agent organization broadly supports the licensing system.

Brian Moran, Propertymark’s Regional Director for Scotland, comments: “It is positive to see the Scottish Government taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of those renting short-term accommodation.

Edinburgh in particular faces an overhaul of short-term rentals, licensing will now allow the local authority to control the numbers available in the capital and encourage longer-term rentals which are desperately needed to to compete with growing demand.”

Information from the Scottish Government on the announcement of the introduction of short-term rental licenses is here.

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