Damien Hirst Sculptures at Bacchanalia London

british artist Damien Hirt takes over a London restaurant bacchanalia injecting its otherworldly sculpts into its sleek layout designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio.

The Bacchanalia restaurant in Mayfair opened on December 1 and boasts a vast interior space designed with mystical energy. This is communicated through an impressive array of artwork, captivating mosaics, marble statues of Luna, murals and hand-painted ceilings illustrated with modernized versions of ancient works.

In the main dining room, Damien Hirst features five angelic figures of winged lions, unicorns, and angels, as well as representations of snake-haired Medusa and the Roman god of agriculture, Bacchus. 79 2,000-year-old statues and three murals by Gary Myatt also adorn the space, while separate rooms pay homage to different Greek gods and goddesses.

Finally, Bacchanalia will also host a brand new exclusive members club named Apollo’s Muse. Inspired by Rome’s Villa Albani, the space will offer a bespoke menu, personalized service and weekly events for members to enjoy.

Take a look at the statues of Damien Hirst inside Bacchanalia London in the gallery above, and visit the restaurant at 1 Mount Street, London, W1K 3NA.

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