‘Dead Tim Healy’ hoax debunked after fans worried about Twitter tribute

A death hoax has circulated on Twitter suggesting that Tim Healy is deceased. However, the actor is not deceased.

Benidorm star Tim Healy is alive and well and is currently 69 years old.

Here’s how the hoax on the English actor started and why some of his fans were worried about him.

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Tim Healy is not dead

Tim Healy is not dead, he is the victim of a internet death hoax.

The actor, who is best known for playing in the comedy series Benidorm and Always open every hour, took to Twitter to announce the death of his ex-wife’s stepfather, which is why many people got it wrong.

Tim shared a poignant tribute to Vin Welch, the father of Denise Welch, who read:

“I am so sad to announce with a saddened heart, Grandpa passed away peacefully last night, surrounded by all the love of the family. We will love you forever RIP.

Who was his stepfather?

Vin Welch is the father of Tim’s ex-wife Denise Welch. Denise is an actress and panelist on the ITV talk show Cowardly Women.

Denise had shared regular updates on her father’s condition in recent months, but on Wednesday, September 29, she announced that he had passed away.

“My beloved father left the party at 11 pm last night surrounded by his loved ones. He touched the hearts of so many people, even those who have never met him. My heart is broken. Nothing else matters “, the actress wrote on Twitter.

In a long Instagram postDenise spoke about her father’s medical condition and said, “Having recently recovered miraculously from major surgeries, the pneumonia and his existing pulmonary fibrosis were more than he could handle.

“I never saw anyone fight to stay longer at a party than dad and last night was no different. He loved life and lived it to the full like no other.

She thanked the nurses at Durham University Hospital and her friends and fans who sent messages of love and support.

People pay homage to Wine

Fans and social media users paid tribute to Vin on social media.

Cheshire Real Housewives Star Dawn Ward wrote on Instagram: “I’m sorry to hear this news, my heart breaks because you will never be forgotten a true gentleman and certainly one of a kind.”

“I send all of my love to you and your family, Denz,” journalist Andrea McLean said.

“Sorry for the loss of your ex step dad, I hope you will be there for the boys, Denise and the rest of the family during this sad time”, wrote a person under the tribute of Tim.

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