Delta expands Air+Rail options for European travel

Part of the joy of traveling in Europe lies in the immense railway infrastructure of its countries. Now Delta is expanding its Air+Rail service, adding 20 more destinations, making it easier to book your airfare and train ticket once in Europe, as reported The dot guy.

A year ago, Delta’s program began with rail service between Amsterdam and two Belgian destinations, Antwerp and Brussels. Now you can also ride the rails in the UK, Italy and Switzerland by linking your flight ticket, making travel easier. You will have a reservation number and a confirmation number to track. Examples include flying to Manchester, UK and connecting by rail to seven different English cities; fly to Brussels and connect to Breda or Rotterdam in the Netherlands; fly to Rome and connect to another Italian city (Bologna and Florence are two of four options); or fly to Zurich or Geneva, Switzerland, and connect to one of the seven Swiss cities.

The Points Guy did a great job of cost-shopping several options and found the air+train ticket saved passengers money or let them break even, but warned it was worth do your own homework.

Another benefit of the combo ticket is that if part of your trip is delayed, you will automatically be rebooked on a later train or plane, just like having a travel agent on hand.

Once you arrive in Europe, you go through customs as usual, collect your luggage and go to the station, ticket in hand. You will have separate check-in for your train journey 72 hours in advance.

You will not earn additional Delta SkyMiles beyond your airline miles, but your credit card will certainly earn you the rail miles since the purchase is a flat rate proposition. So fly and roll and enjoy the best of Europe!

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