DigiTickets to help increase ticket sales in 2023

DigiTickets, a leading provider of ticketing and point of sale solutions for Attractions, Tours and Events, shared key consumer behavior trends related to ticketing that venues should consider this year.

In a post-COVID world combined with a cost-of-living crisis, the company says it’s not particularly straightforward to predict what the new year will bring, and has provided some tips and suggestions to help boost ticket sales and increase box office revenue.

For many countries, including the UK, 2022 marked the first year without COVID-19[feminine] limitations. As a result, there has been a noticeable increase in international travel, with overseas holidaymakers making cautious returns. In 2023, DigiTickets anticipates the same, with the general population gaining confidence and beginning to plan their long-postponed vacations.

A better future

UKInboard and ABTA provided positive outcasts for the UK market largely bolstered by the record value of the pound, which will make travel from overseas more attractive.

Moreover, according to DigiTickets, more people will make advance reservations this year. More and more consumers have become accustomed to securing their reservations in advance rather than expecting there to still be room the same day given the recent surge in pre-bookings. Increased awareness of living expenses has accelerated this behavior and as a result many visitors to Europe will seek to make advance reservations rather than buying tickets on a whim.

“With many out-of-area visitors expected, it’s more important than ever to make sure your marketing strategy puts you in front of them,” says DigiTickets. “If visitors don’t already know the area, they’re unlikely to find you through your website; instead, they will rely primarily on ticket markets, seeking to find exciting days with minimal effort. If you are not already present on a range of marketplaces, now is the time to take a look.

Ticketing partnerships

DigiTickets works with some of the biggest names and integrations in the industry to ensure attractions are findable by potential customers.

One of the most well-known marketplaces, Viator offers more than 300,000 experiences from businesses around the world. It is a go-to website for diverse customer groups and provides brand awareness for attractions of all shapes and sizes.

Although relatively new to the market, Tags has already had a major impact on the ticketing industry. The company has attracted customers from around the world with a focus on museums and attractions through integrations with leading technology brands such as Airbnb and Apple Maps.

GetYourGuide is focused on providing its customers with can’t-miss experiences. The company uses personalized recommendations to ensure consumers get the most out of their vacations and discover new places that speak to them personally.

Maximize market potential

Managing multiple marketplaces is made easy with DigitTicket’s Experience Bank service. All ticket sales, whether made directly through an attraction DigiTickets account or an online marketplace, derive their capability from the same centralized real-time capability. Sales can then flow naturally from the most popular channel, increasing operators’ potential revenue. Employees can log in and track where their sales are coming from. They can also set different ticket prices for different channels to reduce the market commission.

Marketing and sales teams can choose from a variety of marketplaces thanks to Experience Bank’s connections to those mentioned above as well as many others.

Increase in ticket sales

Windmill Lane Recording Studios is one venue that has benefited from upgrading its ticketing solutions.

The Dublin-based studio has seen some of music’s biggest names use its facilities since its inception, including david bowie, Ed Sheeran and Kate Bush, alongside groups such as U2, Rolling Stones and the Spice Girls.

The site hosts a studio tour where visitors can learn about music production and the importance of the building to the music industry.

Its director Aidan Alcock said: “After signing with DigiTickets earlier this year, we used their built-in channel management functionality; Bank of experiences. This allowed us to sell our tickets through GetYourGuide, Viator, Tags and more. Now we have been able to capitalize on our cross-channel marketing and increase our ticket sales. »

Attractions looking to leverage marketplaces in 2023 are encouraged to contact the DigiTicket Business Development team on Company Website.

DigiTickets also upgraded Clovelly’s systems, a heritage destination in the picturesque English county of Devon.

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