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Authorities have blamed the destruction of a beloved local art installation in Thailand on two “drunk” British tourists. Officials have alleged that Joshua Burgoyne, 34, from London, and Georgia Betts, 28, from Leicester, climbed up and smashed a statue of a giant albino buffalo outside a gallery in Bangkok on Friday January 6. They said “video evidence” from the scene showed the pair fleeing alongside two German tourists before being apprehended by security and taken to a local police station.

Apinan Poshiananda, the festival’s chief executive, accused the two Britons – who now live in Australia – of smashing the statue over the weekend.

In a Facebook post, he explained that the 12ft fiberglass statue broke under their weight and they tried to run with the other two backpackers around 2am.

Writing on his page, author and local politician Prof. Poshyananda bid farewell to the “amazing work” which he said “brought so many smiles and happiness to us in Samyan Midtown”.

He said “video evidence” from the scene showed the tourists at the scene and that security officers took them to the Pathumwan police station.

He wrote: “All four were taken to Pathumwan Police Station by security officers to be charged with willful destruction of public property.

“Both refused to pay compensation, saying they had no money and had to rush to the airport.

“After an argument with the police on duty, the four tourists left.

“The British Embassy will be informed about this in the hope that these two irresponsible people will be placed as persona non grata.”

A police spokesman confirmed they were “aware” of the incident, but said officers have since released the tourists.

The spokesperson told NewsFlare: “Another officer handled this matter. I am aware, but the tourists have been released.”

Prof Poshyananda said the remains of the statue would remain at the scene after the incident sparked “tremendous interest among the public”.

He said, “Those who wish to say goodbye to Kwai Calm and his rider may do so as the remains are still visible.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Mr Burgoyne and Ms Betts for comment.

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