Easton woman turns Etsy side hustle into multi-million dollar business

EASTON — Whether it’s trying to pay off vacation debt or working to boost your bank account in the New Year, many people are looking for a side hustle.

While Uber, eBay and Airbnb are popular, a North Easton woman said the real money is on Etsy.

Julie Berninger said she wanted to break free from the stresses and strains of the tech world.

First, she started with blogging and podcasting.

“I’ve asked people about their journey to financial independence,” Berninger said.

And that’s when her life changed when she met at a conference.

“I was in line for tacos,” Berninger said. “And the woman in front of me was an Etsy seller. And we just had one of those awkward conversations online and she said I made six figures selling digital products on Etsy and on my own website.”

It was then that Berninger branched out into selling online, starting with temporary tattoos.

Berninger soon realized that it took more of her time than she had to give.

“The extra work on top of my day job, worrying about shipping and inventory. It was just a little too much,” Berninger said.

And yet, she did not give up.

Eventually, Berninger discovered that more passive income was the way to go by creating printables.

“The idea of ​​selling a digital product really interested me,” Berninger said. “Because you only do it once and in theory thousands of people could buy it from you with very little action on your part afterwards.”

Just five years after joining Etsy, Berninger is now independent and owns a multi-million dollar business called Gold City Ventures.

And she teaches others how to get by on Etsy.

“It was almost something I had to do to make it all work. And I’m a big advocate for other people starting businesses online. Because it will give them that flexibility that they don’t think they have working someone.” another or in a more traditional 9-5 environment,” Berninger said.

Berninger told WBZ-TV that the main source of income is teaching others how to get by. But, she still enjoys selling printables to earn extra money and earn money from her blog.

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