Edinburgh crime: Explosive ‘arrow bags’ allegedly exploded on St Augustine’s RC High School bus

A Edinburgh the school has sent a letter to the children’s parents and guardians advising them that an incident on a school bus has been reported to the police. A school The St Augustine’s RC High School bus on Broomhouse Road was halted last Tuesday after someone allegedly dropped explosive capsules on board.

The letter explains: “On the way to school on Tuesday October 11, ‘Boom Bags’ were activated and thrown into the bus. These devices are triggered by squeezing a small capsule which releases citric acid which combines with baking soda crystals to produce an explosion. Boom Bags are not fireworks, but their effect could be deadly if the driver is distracted while the bus is in motion.

“Cases have also been widely reported where explosive devices have caused facial injuries. Therefore, we have made the decision to report this matter to the police.”

They then list how they expect children to behave on school buses and ask them to stay in their seats with their seatbelts on and to be polite and courteous. Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.

Edinburgh crime news: Police called after children allegedly dropped ‘arrow bags’ on St Augustine’s RC High School bus

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