Eleven Fifty Academy improves Martinsdale neighborhood in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS – Local community leaders hope to increase access to technology careers in minority communities with the Eleven Fifty Academy program.

During the 90- to 180-day program, students can acquire the skills necessary to begin a career in technology.

Organizers bring in local organizations, churches, community centers and schools to encourage people to take advantage of the program through trusted partners. Program officials say these efforts will help create generational wealth in the region and bring much-needed diversity in technology.

“Typically in tech fields, African Americans, Hispanics, women are not well represented in tech and it’s not just nationally in Indiana,” said Scott Jones, president of tech. ‘Eleven Fifty Academy. It’s an opportunity for us to bring Eleven Fifty into that community and give them the kind of upward mobility and path to those same tech careers where they can make a million bucks in their first decade.

At present, the program is focused on the Martindale district, but the hope is to extend it to the whole city.

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