“Everything stinks like a corpse.” This is how they say goodbye to the soldiers in Siberia

Ulan-Ude is the capital of Buriasia, an autonomous republic that is part of the Russian Federation. According to the editors of the newspaper “People of Baikal”, the region has the highest number of soldiers killed in the war in Ukraine, at least 102.

War in Ukraine. Funeral services take place during children’s play activities

According to the conclusions of Tayga.info, the funerals of the dead have been held since March at the Lucotrome sports complex built last year. In the building, among other things, archery lessons are very popular in Buryatia, and there is also a children’s section.

At the Lucotrome campus, farewells to the dead usually take place. Coffins are also kept there. Funeral services are organized in conjunction with sports activities for children.

Children practice behind the wall. The door to the training room is a few meters from where the coffins will be transported, according to Tayga.info.

Mothers of children involved in sports training are outraged that the place where their children train has become the “last home”. Moreover, they are annoyed by the fact that there are so many corpses that a characteristic smell lingers in the place.

Parents don’t like the fact that the playground has become a morgue. Recently, a stench took hold of the children’s training area. Everything here smells like a corpse – Tatiana’s mother, one of Lukotrom’s students, is angry.

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