Falkirk Airbnb owners will have to pay licensing fees as new rules are introduced

Airbnb owners will have to pay a short-term rental license fee.

Members of Falkirk Council’s executive committee learned this week that the licensing scheme came into effect in March this year. The new rules were introduced to address issues that some areas – particularly Edinburgh – have had with Airbnb rentals.

Governance Director Colin Moodie told members that comments from the Falkirk area suggested Airbnbs was generally “seen as a benefit” and a way to encourage tourism.

The scheme is mandatory and means that all short-term let properties will require a license to ensure compliance with various health and safety standards. Additionally, hosts and operators will need to meet “fit and suitable person requirements.”

Hosts who were already operating before October 1 have until next April to apply for a provisional license. Anyone who started after October 1 must obtain a license before they can operate as an Airbnb or offer any other short-term rentals. The final deadline for hosts and operators to ensure they have a license in place is July 1, 2024.

The licenses will last for three years, in line with Scottish Government guidelines. Councilors agreed that the price of licenses should reflect the cost of issuing them, but do nothing more.

As recommended by the Scottish Government, fees for home share and rental licenses (£125-£250) are lower than for secondary rentals (£250-£400). Fees will also depend on the size of the property and the number of guests it can accommodate.

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