Familiar faces emerge behind the Mummers 2023 broadcast booth


Also, do I see 64 degrees in the forecast? !

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Familiar faces emerge behind the Mummers Parade broadcast booth

If you racked your brains yesterday trying to find the Mummers Parade on Channel 17, it wasn’t there.

The Mummers appeared on MeTV 2, that nostalgic little TV channel where you can catch old shows like leave it to the beaver, Gomer Pyleand Alfred Hitchcock presents ‘Round the clock.

And behind the Mummers broadcast booth? Some faces we haven’t seen on TV in a long, long time: Husband and wife broadcast duo Larry Mendte and Dawn Stensland:

Dawn Stensland and Larry Mendte behind the Mummers broadcast booth / Photo courtesy of Larry Mendte

The couple did a great job of narrating the Mummers Parade, which appeared to go ahead without any major controversy, thanks in large part to the fact that parade organizers and the city worked hard with the clubs to keep them out of trouble. . content.

But do not worry. That doesn’t mean city officials were immune to criticism during the parade:

Investigators continue to probe gas explosion in Port Richmond

New Year’s Eve was a disastrous night for residents of the 3500 block of Miller Street in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. At approximately 2:50 a.m. on January 1, firefighters responded to what would have been a gas explosion on this block. The blast destroyed two houses and damaged others and sent several people to hospital.

Philadelphia’s new Airbnb rules go into effect

Want to rent out your home using Airbnb, VRBO, or similar services? Thanks to a new Philadelphia law that just went into effect, you can’t just do that. Now you need a “Limited Hosting Operator License”. Read all about it here.

Some other notable Airbnb regulations in Philadelphia:

The house cannot be occupied by more than three people (including the owner and tenants) who are not related by blood, marriage, life partnership, adoption or adopted child status.

Tenants are only permitted to have guests between 8 a.m. and midnight.

Speaking of VRBO

Now you can sleep in a giant shoe in York, PA.

Is it 64 degrees I see in the forecast?

Why yes, yes it is.

And from the Happy-New-Year-to-Youse Sports Office…

What’s been going on with the Sixers since we left them sitting on an 8-0 winning streak? Hmm. Not very good. After beating the Knicks a week ago yesterday, they lost to the lowly Wizards on Tuesday, 116-111, and lost again to the Pelicans on Friday, 127-116. On the positive side Friday?

But again, Lehigh U’s own (LEHIGH?!?!):


Against Oklahoma City on Saturday, the Sixers came out in flames.

James Harden and PJ Tucker were injured, and Tyrese Maxey was back on the bench. But with the 54-27 lead halfway through the second, the other sidelines had plenty of opportunities to show their stuff.

The Thunder weren’t ready to turn around; they started the third hot and cut the lead to 20. The score was 89-72 Sixers at the end of the third. More chances for substitutes! But Joel stuck around long enough to do it for the first time this year:

Final mark: 115-96.

Tonight they take on the Pelicans (and Zion Williamson, who is having a bumper year) at NOLA.

And then there were the Eagles. The Saints came to the Linc on New Years Day, and all the buzz was about whether QB Jalen Hurts would be fit to play after suffering a shoulder injury in a game against the Bears in mid-December. . He wasn’t, and he didn’t, and things didn’t go well. DE Josh Sweat was sent off the pitch early with an injury. (He has since been discharged from the hospital.) The Saints took a 7-0 lead, and the Eagles offense couldn’t do anything. It was a beautiful day for a mid-winter football game, however, with the temperature on the pitch a balmy 55. That didn’t help the team, however.

The Saints threw a basket. 10-0. In happier news:

Hey, you’re not a real Philadelphia fan if you don’t hate Simmons and Wentz.

James Bradberry was grilled on a long pass, but the big boys stopped the run and held the Saints to another field goal. 13-0. Offense?

I went for a walk at halftime so as not to scream. When I got back it was three minutes into the third quarter, an Eagles TD had been called off for holding, and Jake Elliott had thrown a field goal. Everyone on the offensive line was getting penalties. Then this:

Of course he did. I should have kept walking.

Oh look, look! A touchdown from AJ Brown:

And another sack from Brandon Graham to open the fourth quarter! Then a 23-yard reception from Boston Scott was nullified by a penalty on Kelce. Again. The Birds lost 28 yards on the play. Good D led to another sack by the Birds – the seventh of the game! And on a Saints third and 18 try… we were offside. But! They called him to the Saints center instead, miraculously! It made it third and 23 for the Saints, and we stopped them once again. The defense was on fire; the Eagles have 67 sacks so far this season, the most of any team since 1989.

And then – death. An interception from Marshon Lattimore which he ran untouched from the 10 to make it 20-10 Saints. “Game of the day!” said the announcer. You could see the air escaping from the tires. We’re 13-and-3 on the year, and if we don’t win against the Giants next Sunday, we lose home-court advantage for the playoffs — and the bye that could allow some of our injured Warriors to recover.

In college hoops, Villanova lost to No. 2 Connecticut on 28, then fell to Marquette in a heartbreak on Saturday.

St. Louis beat St. Joe’s on Saturday 83-78. Temple passed East Carolina last Wednesday, 59-57, then beat the Cinncinati Bearcats on Sunday, 70-61. Drexel beat the Elon Phoenix on Thursday 62-50, then beat William & Mary on Saturday 66-56. Penn crushed Wilkes last week, 93-61, and faces Brown tonight at 7. La Salle stomped the Howard Bison on Thursday, 80-76, then lost to VCU on Saturday, 80-67.

Flyers? They also played.

All Philly Today Sports Desk coverage is provided by Sandy Hingston.

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