FBI and TBI agents conduct joint raid on Memphis doctor’s office

Federal and state investigators conducted a joint raid on a doctor’s office in Memphis on Wednesday.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) agents were at Ronnie D. Bowen’s office on Riverdale Road south of HWY 385.

The FBI confirmed it was executing a search warrant while other authorities remained tight-lipped.

FOX13 searched state records and found that the doctor’s business and medical licenses both appeared to be in good standing.

Riverdale Road FBI Scene

A TBI agent pushed the FOX13 crew back as we searched for answers on why they were there.

The FBI Field Office in Memphis confirmed the raid took place at 3699 Riverdale Road to FOX13 Investigates.

This address is listed as the office of Dr. Ronnie D. Bowen.

The FOX13 camera rolled as FBI agents worked. Shortly after, the crime scene tape stopped us from getting close.

Eventually we were allowed into a nearby office and saw a computer being carried from the office being searched.

From the front door of the doctor’s office, the FOX13 crew could see inside. Officers work a few steps from where a bewildered group of Bowen patients have gathered to exchange information.

Shatoria Branch asked us not to show her face. She said she had been a patient for years.

“I’m a little upset because he’s our doctor; he is more than a doctor to us,” she said.

FOX13 Investigates obtained a certificate from the State Board of Medical Examiners that showed Bowen’s license to practice was in good standing. There was no record of any disciplinary action against him.

A call on Bowen’s cell phone went straight to voicemail.

We left a message asking Bowen if he knew why the Feds would be executing a search warrant at his business. We also asked him if he had a lawyer he could refer us to.

Just before airtime, Bowen called back and had a chat with FOX13’s Dakarai Turner that lasted about 5 minutes. He said he is innocent of any crime and the raid is linked to a disgruntled patient who is pressing a false complaint against him for charging his insurance without him doing any work.

He said the investigation was for Medicaid or Medicare and Tenncare.

He said his office had already been raided four times and each time nothing happened.

He said he didn’t get legal representation because it’s not necessary.

FOX13 asked him again if he understood or believed he would face criminal charges.

He said the documents seized would speak for themselves.

FOX13 reached out to multiple sources to try to figure out exactly why this happened. The FBI confirmed they were executing a search warrant in the area. The TBI said nothing about the search and directed us to the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District.

They said “no comment”.

FOX13 will continue to follow this investigation, and once we learn more details, we will pass them on. Check back for updates.

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