Finnair Plus Premium Economy upgrade fares

Finnair launched its new Business Class product and introduced a new Premium Economy cabin in February (read more here).

Finnair then disclosed how many points (miles) members earn for Premium Economy (read more here) and how many miles members need for Premium Economy rewards (learn more here).

You can access Finnair Plus here.

The airline, however, did not disclose the number of points and upgrade certificates required for upgrades from Economy Class to Premium Economy Class and Premium Economy Class to Business Class until today:

Point charges for upgrading your travel class

The prices shown in the table below are for travel class upgrades in one direction.

Please note that if you purchase your travel class upgrade from economy class to business class through our customer service, an additional charge of 1,000 points per direction applies.

Upgrades to or from Premium Economy are currently only available through our customer service. You won’t need to pay the extra 1,000 points for these.

*Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Krakow, Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Reykjavik, Riga, Tallinn, Tartu, Vilnius and Warsaw. Please note that there is no business class on flights within Finland.

**Including Dubai and Tel Aviv. Business Class may not be available on all European routes.

Finnair Plus members can upgrade from Economy Class to Premium Economy Class using 20,000 points or two Short-Haul Upgrade Certificates.

Upgrades from premium economy to enterprise require 30,000 points or a long-haul upgrade voucher.


Upgrades from economy to premium economy are quite reasonable and a good use for two short-haul upgrade vouchers.

Using Finnair Plus points from premium economy to corporate makes more sense than burning a long-haul upgrade certificate that you can use for economy to corporate, bypassing the premium economy cabin altogether.

Here are the terms and conditions of the upgrade rewards:

  • Travel class upgrades are only available for scheduled Finnair flights (AY code on ticket and flight is operated by Finnair).
  • If your ticket number starts with 105, you can upgrade your travel class on our website or via the mobile app no ​​later than 36 hours before your departure.
  • Travel class upgrades with points are not available for Finnair Plus award flights or Money+Points offers.
  • The number of points or upgrades corresponding to the benefits of Gold, Platinum and Platinum Lumo members will be debited from the account when the award is booked.
  • Travel class upgrades can only be made after the original booking is confirmed and the air ticket has been issued.
  • Upgrades may not be confirmed until 37 hours before the flight, depending on seat availability on the aircraft. If we cannot confirm the upgrade 37 hours before the flight, your waitlist spot will be forfeited and your upgrade points/benefits will be automatically refunded within 1-4 business days. Please note that the expiration date of upgrade benefits will remain the same after refund and upgrade benefits will not be refunded if the expiration date has passed.
  • A travel class upgrade has no effect on the rules governing the original tickets.
  • In the event of re-routing, you will travel in the original class of travel.
  • Finnair Plus points are always awarded based on the original class of travel and the booking class of the ticket.
  • Only a limited number of seats are available for travel class upgrade booking classes.
  • Travel class upgrades are not available at specific times and on certain routes.

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