Florence Pugh on Not “Conforming” to Hollywood Body Standards

Florence Pugh on Hollywood Body StandardsTang Karwai – Getty Images

Florence Poug is one of the most famous actresses in the atm world, which means she’s super influential to *a lot* of people. So, in addition to being an iconic social media chef, incredibly down-to-earth and downright badass, she’s now spoken out about not “conforming” to Hollywood body standards.

In a recent video with Vogue ahead of her cover, the 27 year old teaches viewers how to make a Garlic Crostini, mixes up his favorite martini, and digs deeper into his life in the spotlight. Cue the important conversation about body image.

“Body image for women is a big thing. From the moment you start developing thighs, buttocks and breasts and all that, everything starts to change. And your relationship with food starts to change,” she said casually as she cooked.

“I had a weird chapter early in my career, but that was because I didn’t conform. I think it was confusing to people, especially in Hollywood,” she continued.

“Women in Hollywood, especially young women in Hollywood, obviously put themselves in all these ways in order to get all the opportunities they need because that’s how it happened.”

“I think I’ve definitely set foot in that aspect,” she added. “I like food.”

While she Vogue cover interviewshe discussed the subject in more detail and explained that “we are human” and “we are bodies”.

“Yeah, I can wear makeup and look good for a premiere. But at the end of the day, I still have hair on top of my lip and I still smell after a workout and I I always get pimples when I’m stressed. I think that attitude has definitely carried over to me since I was a kid.” Preach Florence.

She then added that she would never lose weight to “look fantastic for a role”. Instead, she turns it over and wonders, “How would this character have lived? What would she have eaten?”

It is not the first time the Don’t Worry Darling star also talked about bodily issues. In July, she wore a sheer pink dress for Valentino’s haute couture show in Rome and received a lot of (unnecessary) backlash on social media.

Addressing the subject at the time in an Instagram post, she said: “It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time that a woman has heard what’s wrong with her body from a crowd. strangers, which is worrying, it’s just how vulgar some of you can be.”

“Many of you wanted to let me know aggressively how disappointed you were with my ‘small boobs’ or how embarrassed I should be for having a ‘flat chest'” Florence added.

“I’ve been living in my body for a long time. I know my chest size perfectly and I’m not afraid of it.”

To see? We told you: icon.

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