Florida’s Largest LED Studio for Virtual Film Production Has Officially Opened: Airlot 21 Virtual Production Stage on the Universal Studios Florida Backlot |

CLEARWATER, Florida., February 8, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In 2020, a new technology created with the virtual production of LED walls and made famous by Jon Favreau on ‘The Mandalorian’ has turned mainstream cinema upside down and it’s starting to catch fire with production companies like Netflix, Paramount and others as the cheapest, best, fastest and safest way to make movies . At the end of 2020, the Airlot team identified a few key trends. Virtual production would forever change the way movies and television are made. The lack of sound stage inventory, Hollywood has an occupancy rate of over 96% for sound stages, resulting in an ever-increasing space requirement. Content budgets for streamers like Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, Disney+ and others have reached a combined level $250 billion in 2021. This content spend figure is expected to increase to around $172 billion by 2025.

The Airlot, Inc monetizes space and properties paving the way to meet the need for stage space and seems to be the Airbnb for streamers like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Universal and other content producers who benefit filming on virtual production stages. Airlot’s first stage is Airlot 21, a 22,000 square foot stage, the largest LED virtual production stage in Florida with a circumference of 120′, a diameter of 80′ and a LED wall 23′ high. The Airlot, Inc partners with the best in the business using cutting-edge technology from 4Wall, Brompton, Disguise, Unreal and Redspy. The Airlot 21 is modular and can accommodate any production. With The Airlot 21 virtual production stage, creatives can preview, research virtually, and collaborate remotely. Unprecedented in-camera visual effects create a workflow of speed, efficiency and creative freedom never before achieved in Hollywood realization. Shooting with virtual production represents a budget saving of 30 to 50%.

In addition to The Airlot 21 virtual production stage, being on Universal’s backlot offers producers and filmmakers unprecedented support services by the Universal Studios Florida (USFPG) production group. From hotels, parking, catering, additional production sound stage and support space, offices, makeup and other services as well as connections to local vendors, talent and equipment, make filming at Airlot 21 the ideal location for small and large productions. Pamela Tuscany, Vice President of Production, is a partner at The Airlot 21. “We are thrilled to be a part of this dynamic new production method that Airlot 21 will provide to our long-time customers and production partners. Airlot 21 is the perfect complement to the deep bench strength of production services and talent available in Orlando and at Universal”.

Virtual production is here to stay and The Airlot is setting the stage for Hollywood productions to reap the fruits. The Airlot works at the studio level to help filmmakers and producers embrace the future with The Airlot as a turnkey virtual production solution for any size production.

Airlot’s strategy is to help accelerate from hollywood transition to virtual production. At The Airlot, we work with Hollywood to merge and monetize scenes with virtual production and enable filmmakers to create in the new world of virtual production where imagination is just the beginning.

At February 24, 2022 for industry professionals and the press The Airlot and Universal Orlando are hosting an open house at The Airlot Stage 21 on the Universal Studios backlot Orlando Florida. Email [email protected] for more information and to receive your pass.

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