Follow these 5 rules for the best travel experience in Europe

The summer of 2022 brought a upsurge in travel in Europe for the first time since the pandemic. The demand was so high that many European countries were simply not ready. This has led travelers to experience flight cancellations, long lines and inflated prices for hotels and taxis.

Europe has also experienced record high temperatures this summer, causing disruption to airports, railways and roads.

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If you plan to travel to European destinations soon, take these “new” rules into account.

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Travel insurance is essential

Before considering whether you should buy travel insurance or not, just remember the summer 2022 cancellations and delays. Travel insurance policies are great because they protect your pockets if you run into any accidents on your European adventure. In this case, it is always better to invest for reassurance than to take a travel risk.

Travel out of season

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European summers are amazing, but they are also extremely expensive, crowded and hot. Booking out of season – spring and autumn – will allow you to experience all the splendor of your European destination of choice without the long lines, high prices and constant sweating.

Explore small towns

Of course, big cities like ParisRome, amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, etc. are exciting, but there are other options. Exploring smaller towns gives you the opportunity to really experience the culture and authenticity of a country. It will also help you save money.

Confirm before booking

Many Airbnbs and even hotels in Europe do not have air conditioning. If you have any questions about certain equipment, it is important to ask them before booking so that you are not disappointed when you arrive at your accommodation. Stay in an old building? You may want to confirm that there will be an elevator.

Explore early in the morning



Visiting tourist attractions means you will most likely encounter crowds. To avoid long lines, even out of season, leave early in the morning. If you arrive at attraction when it first opens, you’ll beat the crowds and have plenty of time to explore without feeling nervous.

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