Free vintage motorcycle museum in Massachusetts that you can visit

It’s that time of year again. Motorcycles are everywhere. That’s what the bumpersticker says, and it’s true.

In the Live Free Or Die state, we like to ride on a mountain road or by a lake with the wind blowing through our hair. Our obsession with these metallic beasts is long-standing, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this gem.

Cycles Classic Cafe is a one-of-a-kind location at Cycles 128 in Beverly, Massachusetts, and is part of the New England Power Sports Company, which includes Plaistow Powersports.

From the Cycles Classic Cafe Museum websitethe idea became reality for curator Rob Cerundolo thanks to the 2020 pandemic. Rob had wanted to create this collection for years, but never had the time.

When the pandemic created the business downturn, that time was used to bring to life the many bikes, motorcycles and classics that customers have dropped off or brought in over the years, the website says. That’s right, they’ve already acquired most of these unique antiques and bikes from people who didn’t want them, but also didn’t want to throw them away.

In the summer of 2020, Rob and his team created a space to display the cool collection, then set out to find genuine antiques in the world of motorcycles for their “automobilia collection,” according to the website.

The rusty, well used and loved collection is the creme de la creme of motorcycles.

The oldest of the classics is a 1907 Merkel Light, which is not only old, but rare, according to the Cycles Classic Cafe Museum website. The other proud moment came when they acquired a 1924 Ner-A-Car.

This is a 1921 Monet Goyon Automouche

Here’s the best part: Admission to this museum is FREE. The company just wants to share the joy of a collection of classic cycles. Find more information here.

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